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dustoffkid 07-19-2006 06:38 AM

Discoid Meniscus
Has anyone ever heard of this? All the research I've done only mentions it in pediatric patients, and that it tends to correct itself by age nine or so. I am slightly older than that (by 27 years or so), and it's there and torn.

They are going to basically reshape the meniscus to look like a regular one.

Any input?

alzannod 07-19-2006 07:29 AM

Re: Discoid Meniscus
Unfortunately, I've had a total knee replacement and now I'm having trouble with the other knee problem. Having these problems I've done a lot of research, especially regarding meniscus'. If you're only finding sites that say a discoid meniscus is in young children try looking up 'popping knee syndrome'. From what I've read during my visits to many sites they call it this because of the popping sensation and pain over the outside part of the knee joint.

Most people that have a discoid meniscus don't know they have it unless problems start but it is not unheard of in adults. As you say, since there is a tear your Dr can repair the tear and reshape the meniscus to try and avoid future problems.

Good luck!

dustoffkid 08-13-2006 03:30 AM

Re: Discoid Meniscus
I had it done Friday, and so far, so good!

Minimal pain, and already have a good deal of mobility back. He says it should be awesome after I heal, just like getting a new meniscus (but better, because this one's the one God made for me).

Now I just want to go back to work as my major problem seems to be boredom. :D

mim 09-16-2006 12:20 PM

Re: Discoid Meniscus
:wave: Hi, I had an MRI done yesterday to determine if this is what I have. I am 37, and have had 3 prior knee surgeries. The one that is acting up has only had one surgery to repair torn cartilage in 1989. I too kept coming across articles that referred to this as a childhood type injury/problem. Guess not!

dustoffkid 09-25-2006 08:14 AM

Re: Discoid Meniscus
Well, I'm told that because of the discoid shape, the meniscus was less stable. And as a matter of fact, during surgery he showed me where it had been torn once before and then healed itself.

I'm now six weeks or so out from the scope, and no problems.

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