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anon2239 08-28-2006 09:34 AM

Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
I have been reading up on this partial knee replacement option. Would like to hear from anyone who has had it done. I don't really know if I have waited too long but sure sounds a lot better than a total knee replacement.


fhkdeuce 10-04-2006 06:13 AM

Re: Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
I have a relative who received an Oxford knee replacement, and he is extremely pleased with the results. In fact, six days after surgery, the PT people were amazed to see him up on the stationary bike going along at full speed. If there are questions you have about the procedure itself, I would talk to your doctor. I can try to answer other questions through my relative if you wish.

snowmelts 10-07-2006 07:40 PM

Re: Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
NOt me.
But I have an elderly neighbor who had a 'partial" knee replacement done a few years ago.
80 yrs old then ( 83 now and very energetic. She drives off to do something every day. Even has a 75 yr old "boyfriend" :blob_fire come over for lunch)
One week after the Partial Knee Replacement surgery she was out here walking around.. no cane or anything!
She says "The pain is gone" that she had before the surgery.
She is very happy she did it.
But she does say she can't ride an excercise bike because of her knees
(one full replacement done ages ago and the one partial replacement)

bellyacher1 06-24-2010 10:50 PM

Re: Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
The Oxford didn't work for me. My doc really "sold" it to me as the best solution and told me how quickly I would recover. It has been 12 weeks today and I am at square one. I am finished with him and feel like all I did was go through surgery for nothing. It has been a great help for some folks, but did not help me. I had some great physical therapists. I worked at it until I can bend it and straighten it just fine. I just can't bear weight! I can barely walk enough to get around in my house. I have to ride on a scooter in a store. I am 59. I am discouraged beyond belief and so depressed. Now I have to find a doctor who does "revision" surgery, which is more complicated than the total knee would have been in the first place. Get a second, third and tenth opinion before risking additional surgery. If I knew then what I know now, I would have NEVER done the partial. Now I am in for more pain and a longer recovery than if I had done the total knee in the first place. I hope this helps. I hope you have a great recovery if you do choose the Oxford. If it works, it is supposed to be really great. I wish I could say it worked for me.

bellyacher1 09-15-2010 11:36 PM

Re: Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
I had my Oxford done on April 1st. It should be healed and quite functional at this point. It is neither. I have moved on to another doctor who thinks I may have a bone infection. After all this mess, I wish I had gone for the TKR. The partial was a mistake for me. I wish you luck.

Celle 11-14-2011 12:57 PM

Re: Oxford Knee Replacement Anyone?
I had an Oxford partial knee replacement in November 2000. It worked well for me, i had a quick recovery, and I have had 11 good years with it.

However, the plastic spacer between the metal components has now broken and the bits are loose inside my knee joint, and jamming it up sometimes. I'm having to get around on crutches.

I now have to have a Total Knee Replacement, which is booked for 9th December.

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