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bsherm 10-20-2006 08:51 PM

hip revision complication-dislocations
I have had both hips replaced (1997&1998 my age was 44). Everything seemed great for 7 years.I then had a revision because my doctor said my one hip was wearing unevenly. I had no pain up to that point. I had good results from that revision.. Eight weeks ago I had a revision on my 2nd hip. Unfortunately I was not as lucky with my results. Immediatly I noticed a difference from the first revision. My gait was off and and I had a lot more swelling than ever before. I was also told to go for PT which did not seem as necessary after my othher revision. About 7 weeks after surgery I dislocated one morning when I was lying in bed and was stretching. Out popped my hip. After a trip to the ER I was put back together. My doctor told me I needed to return to PT because my muscle tone in my glutes was weak. I went back and during PT I once again dislocated. So what now?

dee rohr 12-27-2006 05:36 PM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
I have just recently dislocated my right hip. I am now waiting to see the doctor to set up a revision. I am just hoping the revision is a good one. I dont know if you try to work with the hip and not do the revision. I have heard if they dislocate once they will again. So I am probably going to do the revision and pray that it is a good one. I am going to ask about a larger ball to be put in. Not sure if they can do that or not. I think the doctor makes all the difference in the world.

bevann26 12-28-2006 03:33 AM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
i dislocated my hip in a car accident 38 yrs ago. they did surgery to put it back in, and a 6wk hosp stay in traction. came home on crutches for another 6 wks. 2 yrs ago i had a total hip replacement on that hip, and it has been great since. real quick recuuperation, also.

good luck to you....bevann

Kissa 12-28-2006 10:34 AM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
I just had a revision in August after having my previous hip for 13 years. It is my understanding the chances for dislocation are greater than the first hip but doctors do not know exactly why this occurs. A regular hip has a 2% chance of dislocation while a revision, which is much more complicated than a full replacement has a 10% or greater chance of dislocation.

Exercise is the most important thing, strengthening the muscles that surround the prothesis is essential to help in preventing dislocation.
The previous poster was correct, once you dislocate the chances of doing it again are much greater.

Often you will need another revision, primarily to stretch the muscles and ligaments taught over the hip itself. Additionally a larger ball and thicker liner allowers for a much greater range of motion before you get to the point in which dislocation occurs.

My doctor went with the largest ball and thickest liner available on the market for this very reason. He's top in his field and world renouned in doing research on this so I do trust that what he is telling me is correct.

If you do need revision surgery ask exactly what they intend to do. Question about a larger ball and thicker liner as well as tightening the muscles that over the prothesis. By simply putting in a new prothesis with no changes to it may prove to be fruitless and you may end up right back where you started.

I must ask, how painful was it when you dislocated? I had a scary incident a few weeks ago when I feel after slipping on a wet floor. I was so scared I didn't even move off the floor and the pain was horrendous. I ended up doing some soft tissue damage and back on the walker for a week or two. Thank God I didn't dislocate but it definately is on my mind, especially during this snowy winter season.

I hope things work out for you!

dee rohr 12-28-2006 06:48 PM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
It was very painful. I sure dont want to do it again. I am on a walker also, no fun. I was unaware that a revision had a higher rate of dislocation. But I will be asking lots of questions when I go into the docs. I will be inquiring about the larger ball. I have always had problems with the first hip. I dont think I had a quality surgeon for the first one.

I dislocated mine when I lifted my leg up to dry my leg off. Hardly any movement. So it must of been working its way that way.

Hope you get better.

sixtimes 01-11-2007 09:57 AM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
I had my 4th revision op 12 weeks ago(2 thr's and 4 revisions) and as you might expect I have had most of the associated problems at one time or another including DVT, PULMONARY EMBOLLISM and dislocation. I found the dislocation the most painful experience of my life but I have learnt that the secret is to regain muscle tone as soon as practically possible. A cross trainer has worked well for me and I would advise anyone to firstly try to avoid having a hip replacement but if you must have one work those muscles as hard as possible before the operation and as soon as your surgeon allows afterwards. Good luck and I hope you never dislocate again

Sorehip38 09-07-2008 02:07 PM

Re: hip revision complication-dislocations
Good article, thanks. You mentoned a larger ball. They used a titanium ball that they glued into my femour. In your case, how did they give you a larger ball? What was the procedure. Thanks.

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