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Play_Hard 11-27-2006 04:40 PM

Meniscus tear?
I think that I may have a meniscus tear (maybe medial plica problem), but was wondering what the symptoms are. I tore my MCL 2.5 years ago and think that I may have torn my meniscus because my MCL seemed to heal and I don't have pain on the inner part of my knee anymore. The MRI report didn't mention a meniscus tear (I know that they don't always show everything), but I am having my knee scoped next month to find out what is going on as well as drain the water on my knee and do some clean-up. The MRI just confirmed an MCL tear, showed water on the knee and showed that I have chondromalacia. The doctor wants me to be awake for the surgery so that I can tighten and relax my muscles on my own.

My symptoms are:

-pain going up and downstairs (more pain going up)
-pain under my kneecap in general (kind of in the center)
-pain in the joint when doing a simple straight leg lift while laying down
-my knee pops when I straighten my leg out
-a lot of swelling under the kneecap
-I swell-up after walking at the end of the day (I can't even walk much either)
-pain when I walk longer than 10 minutes at a time

When I originally injured my knee I could not bend or straighten my knee (that is not typical of an MCL tear). It was pretty much stuck in a slightly bent position, which made it VERY hard to walk! Also, within the 2.5 years since my injury my knee went through a short period of time (about 2 months) where it felt fine and then for no reason the pain just came back. Sometimes the pain is bearable and other times I have just so much pain that I can barely walk. Right now I can't even walk on a flat surface without pain. I know that I injured something more than my MCL!

Any thoughts as to what may be the problem? Also, any advice on what I should ask my doctor? I go in for my pre-op next week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Play_Hard 11-30-2006 04:27 PM

Re: What are the symptoms of a meniscus tear?
I guess I'll have to wait for surgery, meanwhile I'm walking around not knowing if I am damaging something more than it already has been damaged. I have surgery to remove a tumor right above my knee (Sept. 18th) and that seemed to make my pain even worse! I am so frustrated:(

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