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mimirea 03-23-2007 05:21 PM

3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
Hello. I previously posted a question in regards to my husbands struggles after his knee surgery (torn cartilidge removal) and here I am again.

My husband had his surgery on Dec. 21st, he had about a half of an inch of miniscus removed (no stitches). He has been back to the doctor 3 times due to [B][U]intolerable[/U][/B] pain in his knee. He went ahead and did physical therapy, which had been recommended here and by his work. Therapy made it worse. He came home daily from therapy in immense pain.

He went back to the doctor on Tuesday of this week and he was given an anesthetic (sp?) shot which should have numbed his knee for a bit and then he was given a prescription for patches which should have given the same relief. Immediately after being given the shot, he did feel relief but the pain came back in full force less than an hour later and the patches (worn for 12 hours at a time, 3 days so far) haven't helped at all. His doctor wants to now try a cortizone shot on Monday.

I called the doctor again today after my husband called me from work with more pain that he could stand, he wanted to go to the hospital. I called his doctor but he still seems very unconcerned. He wants my husband to have blood work done in the morning to see if there is possible infection but said he shows absolutely no signs of infection. He is unwilling to do another MRI to make sure that something else isn't wrong, another tear, anything. My husband is at his wits end and again, is trying to find out if anyone has gone through anything similar. This is his second knee surgery of this type and the last one he recovered from in just a couple weeks. Is this normal????? He is in so much [B][U]more[/U][/B] pain than prior to having his surgery, we are on the verge of changing doctors. His doctor actually stated today that he was puzzled that my husband was in so much pain and yet went to work. He goes to work daily and struggles terribly to make it to the end of his shift. It is as if he does not believe the agony that my husband is going through. I am so frustrated for him.

Any suggestions or similar problems? Thanks so much.

HenriF 03-24-2007 01:18 PM

Re: 3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
Hi Mimi, I had the same surgery three months ago, too, and may be having a problem similar to your husband’s but not as severe. What your are describing, though, sounds very much like what I experienced when I first injured my knee. It sounds like he may have a loose bit of meniscus that has migrated from where it is supposed to sit into an area where it is being compressed and perhaps it is obstructing the smooth movement of the knee. When twisted my knee several years ago I was in excruciating pain for a very long time until I found a doctor who was able to help. I would have done better with surgery to remove that part of the meniscus but I am very appreciative of the help I got. The doctor began treating the inflammation with drugs and pool therapy. When the inflammation was reduced and the movement loosened the meniscus it “magically” returned to its proper place. I was sore but the relief was bliss. The pain I experienced sounds very much like what your husband is going through. I don’t know if that is his problem but if it is the pain would be as bad as you describe. I wish both of you well.

mimirea 03-24-2007 08:24 PM

Re: 3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
Thanks Henrif. My husbands pain does sound similar to yours. I don't know what to do. I did make calls yesterday to see if he can be seen by a new doctor, I should get a call on Monday to find out if one inparticular will accept him.

He went and did his bloodwork this morning... a waste of more time and money. I read the paper that the doctor had faxed over (to get the bloodwork done) and he wrote on there "diagnosis arthritis". Kind of wondering where that came from. I'm thinking we just need a new doctor. He goes back to the same doctor on Monday and we are really hoping that he'll order an MRI. If not, hopefully I will get a call and he will be able to be seen by a new doctor, though I know it will take a while for him to get in.

Thanks for your input and kind wishes, I (we) appreciate it. :)

urid 03-25-2007 07:23 AM

Re: 3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
Please let us know how your husband is doing. I had the surgery a couple months ago, and am still sore, but not to the extent of your husband. You are wise to try to find a new doctor, when your present doctor could do another mri to find out if something else is going on. I don't understand the doctors thinking on this. Good luck

HenriF 03-25-2007 08:57 AM

Re: 3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
Mimi, It does sound like your husband has gotten all the help he is going to get from this doctor. It is probably a waste of time to speculate on why, enough to see what help someone else can offer. I hope you find the help he needs very quickly. Please let us know how it goes.

urid 04-04-2007 07:30 AM

Re: 3 months of intolerable pain after cartilidge removal in knee???
How is your husband doing with his knee? I hope he has found some help for the pain. Three months since my surgery, and I am still somewhat sore, but not in pain. I am still unable to get down on my knees, and the doctor said sometimes it might be months before the knee will be back to normal.

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