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knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

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Old 02-06-2008, 11:00 PM   #1
Join Date: Feb 2008
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rachael121 HB User
Unhappy knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

I'm a 15 year old female when on the first day of snow I fell up the stairs at school. My left knee slammed against the stair and my leg twisted and my knee popped out. For the rest of the day I walked on it. This happened On December 11th I had a diagnosis of RSD. Which is a nerve condition. That has now resovled. Now we've been to the ER about 5 times because of the swelling and the pain. They took x-rays and 1 unstable MRI. They said I had a patella tendon rupture. Then we went to the Orthopedic Doctor and he said that I didn't have that. To go to a Sports Medicine Doctor. He has not given me a diagnosis since the RSD, and my kneecap keeps slipping in and out. It is very unstable and in a brace. I cant walk on it because my kneecap will proceed to slide or pop out and my Dr. said that isnt possable. Its worse to bend it because you feel pressure of the pop and my PT holds it in. It grinds and cracks and now my other knee is starting to hurt. They are going to try a nerve block. But they aren't sure that will work. Other Orthopedic Doctors have said I may need further work. But the doctor I am seeing is supposed to be the best and he is saying I'm fine and so is my knee.
My question for someone on here is Does anyone have the slipping or popping out of the knee? Even when they stand and try to walk? The pain does not go away and just a few weeks ago my knee was the size of a grapefruit.
Im not sure what to do anymore. Anyones opinion will help

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Old 02-08-2008, 06:54 AM   #2
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ozfan79 HB Userozfan79 HB Userozfan79 HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

My kneecap has been slipping out of place since January of 2006. I tried PT several times in order to strengthen the muscles around my knee. Unfortunately, it did not work. My kneecap still slips out whenever I bend my knee or walk on it if I am not wearing my brace. I will be having surgery this summer to fix the problem. I can relate regarding your problems with doctors. I went to 4 doctors before I finally found the one who can help me.

I hope you find a doctor who can help you. Please keep me posted!

Old 02-08-2008, 07:46 AM   #3
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ResidentKen HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

I just dislocated my knee last night after I slipped on the ice. This was time #5. I'm going to have to get surgery done on it now. On top of my knee feeling like there is a knife in it, I am so sick with a cold right now and I'm afraid to take anything with the painkillers I'm on.

Old 02-12-2008, 04:26 AM   #4
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rachael121 HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

Thank you both for replying. You have put some insight into what needs to be done. I have had the nerve block and it made the pain so much worse. It shot down my leg. It felt like a sharp pain going down my back to my foot. So that didn't help me at all. My mother is having the doctor take another MRI because we went there and the Doctor said to go to PT and come back in two months. Which is not going to happen. And all the Doctor got from the MRI was swelling and fatty tissue.
But my knee keeps coming out. And he will not listen to that part. And I know I need to strengthen the muscles around my knee. But I have lateral tracking. On both knees. It just seems that if I use my good knee much longer its going to start doing the same thing as my bad knee. If nothing happens with this appointment this week we are going to find another doctor. Its just so painful when it pops and slipps out. These Doctors must either not know what they are doing or just not care enough. In my case this doctor needs to retire

Old 02-12-2008, 07:44 PM   #5
Junior Member
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cme10ae HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

Please keep updating this as you see your doctors. I'm now 44 and have had this problem in both knees since I was your age. It gets better but comes back regularly. I've been to many doctors over the years, the only thing they said can be done is the same: strengthen the muscles, wear a brace.

The first time it happened it took probably 6 months before it felt well again. Do the exercises, they really are important and will help your knee to feel more stable. If I neglect them for a while and the knees weaken the problem gets worse. I would love to hear of a decent treatment for this problem, I enjoy running and being very active but now I rarely run and my activity depends on how my knees feel.

Old 02-15-2008, 01:11 PM   #6
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rachael121 HB User
Thumbs down Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

Finally I went to see my doctor again. And he has Diagnosed me with Patellar Tracking Disorder and he FINALLY listened to me and said I am Subluxing. He is sending me back to Physical Therapy, and they are going to work on both knees. I have lost my quad muscle, but the doctor will not seem to listen that when I still had my quad that is was Subluxing. He says that if this doesnt work then thats when he will do surgery. But I feel this has gone on for awhile to long and the pain is just so incredible I just dont know what to do with myself. This is just a awful

Old 02-25-2008, 10:49 PM   #7
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franniej HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

I too had the same problem at your age. I was lucky to have a surgeon who operated fairly quickly and listened to me. I had my ligaments aligned and my patella was in the wrong position so they fixed that. Since the operations about 20 years ago I have only had it dislocate fully twice and maybe one incident every couple of years of it subluxing.Although there is still a fair amount of movement from the patella it doesn't seem to sublux like it did and it certainly doesn't hurt like it used to before the surgery . Maybe it is time to find another doctor who will actually listen and do something. Just my opinion though.

Old 03-06-2008, 02:20 AM   #8
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rachael121 HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

Well actually that is just what we are doing. And Im hoping for the best,
My PT says they wouldnt do anything until 6 months. but this is pathetic.
The pain is severe and the subluxing isnt stopping. which my PT said that after they put my knee back it would. Its all down below. sorry its so long

After the swelling went down my doctor never order another MRI so my mother had to get one done for me (not sure how). Now it Shows that I have lost half the bone density in my leg. I am just so upset. My PT is trying to make me walk on it for my own sake, he also brought in a friend of his to help out more. (he is not registered here) So that makes me even more nervous. But he found out that my patella was on my THIGH! I kept telling everyone that. He has proceeded to push it down without me having any sedation. And Its been for the past couple of days. He says "oh no. no way it can sublux." Well it does and it is!!! Today HE TELLS ME THEY COULD DO THIS AT THE HOSPITAL!!! Every singal time he pushes down i scream bloody murder and it has just gone back to my thigh again. The only reason the PT didnt TELL us about this is because THEY dont think IM a CANDIDATE.
Reason why is because after it causes so much pain they dont think i will get up and walk on it. and another is if they go to fast they could break my patella into two. But i mean, its been 4 months. Im sick of this. im almost 16. and this it could have been fixed 2 months ago when i didnt have oteoperois.
sorry im rambeling. im just a mess.

Old 03-10-2008, 03:23 PM   #9
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Gabby2007 HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

Your knee is subluxating and/or dislocating - fairly common among women. Something to do with the wider hip structure making the muscles pull the patella (kneecap) off track.

There are different treatments for it: a good brace can help, or you can get your physical therapist to teach you how to tape your knee - basically hold the patella in place with tape. As you're learning, PT can help. Also - have they looked at your shoes? If it's an issue with the way you walk (I'm not explaining it very well - sorry), there will be an unusual pattern in the tread of your shoes. If that's the case, all you need is a special insert for your shoe/s. Finally, there are surgeries: the lateral release that I think you've mentioned. This is done arthroscopically: the surgeon makes a tiny slit (about 3/4 inch long) on the upper outside of your impacted knee, cuts part of that muscle. That helps correct the muscle imbalance that is causing the problem. The LR is done either by itself or sometimes in combination with the bone movement operation (called an osteotomy). There are different varieties of the bone movement operation; one of them is called the Tibial Tubical Transfer. The osteotomy is an open operation - about a 2 inch incision down the center of your knee.

I had the LR/TTT combined operation on both knees (at different times, though). Although it's done outpatient, it is NOT minor surgery - recovery was brutal. Months of painful PT afterwards. It can help you regain a normal life afterwards, though. You may not be able to run long distances afterwards, though, and you'll always need to work on keeping your weight down and your quads strong.

If you look up "knee guru" in your favorite search engine - they have (or used to have) a forum and informational pages about PFS (patella femerol syndrome - another name for your problem). Just don't get too hung up over there - like a lot of forums, that's where people go when they are having problems. Once they recover, they go back to having a wonderful life, and don't want to spend time discussing medical stuff (which is why *I* don't go there any more! )

You don't want to do the surgery prematurely - it might not be necessary. But you really don't want to let your knee keep going off track either - you need to get that under control ASAP. All of that maltracking can cause uneven wear on the inside of your knee, leading to damage later (speaking from experience).

Last edited by Gabby2007; 03-10-2008 at 03:25 PM.

Old 03-27-2008, 11:34 AM   #10
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leeleelanilou HB User
Re: knee popping/slipping out. anyone with the same problem?

I hope by now you've found a doctor that will spend more time & effort to help you. When I was 10 or 11 (many, many, MANY years ago) my left knee cap would slip off to the left side when I would run & try to switch directions. When this would happen, I would fall down in pain & my gut instinct was to use my hand to slam the side of my knee cap back into place. After this happened several times, my mother took me to an Orthopedic Surgeon. He told her that the only fix was surgery. That was in the early '70's & I've learned since then that surgery should have been only an option after PT & a knee brace had failed. I had a total knee replacement in 2005 & I was told that I may have not needed one if I wouldn't have had the surgery in the '70's. Of course my dear mother feels awful about not getting a second opinion way back then but I totally understand that she did what she felt was right.
My suggestions to you & your mom are-
#1. If you don't feel comfortable that the doctor is treating your knee the best he/she can, get a second, third or fourth opinion before you go to the extreme of surgery. Now, if it's an arthroscopy only, that's different than what I had. That's when they use a little scope to look around inside to see what's going on. But it's still has to be done under general anesthesia & you'll have some small incisions.
#2. Wear your knee brace. Wear it all the time except when you bathe or shower.
#3. Ask your doctor if you can take Ibuprofen for pain. If he says yes, ask how much a day as needed for the pain & also elevate your knee & ice it. Remember to take the Ibuprofen with food because it can upset your stomach.
#4. Do your PT & see if you can get an inexpensive exercise bicycle so that you can strengthen the muscles around your knees at home. It's very common for your "good" knee to get weak also because you're putting more of your weight on it to help out the "bad" knee. So a bike will help keep the muscles strong on both knees. Of course, check with your doctor or PT before going out & buying one.

I understand that you want to be out having fun instead of home with your knee on ice. If you could just be patient for a few more months to make sure you've done all that you can do before going through with the surgery, you might not be in the place that I'm in right now.
Like I said, I had a total knee replacement in 2005. It has failed & I'm in a lot of pain. The only way to fix it is a revision surgery. I'm only 46 (yes, I know, VERY old to you but not so much to me!) & a revision surgery may not have a very good outcome. A failed Knee Joint Revision Surgery could mean that I have to have the joint fused, which means a straight stiff leg for the rest of my life or even have my leg amputated from above the knee. Some days the pain is so unbearable that I'd like to cut my leg off myself. So I really do understand what you're going through. Please, PLEASE take care of your physical body now as much as you can. I have 2 incisions of my left knee that are about 7 inches long. You can never get that pretty smooth skin back so make sure that surgery is a last resort.
Good luck to you Racheal, please post back with any news.

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