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Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

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Old 10-26-2009, 11:48 AM   #541
Suesan Jean
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Suesan Jean HB User

If you THINK you are addicted to your pain meds, I am NOT an expert, but, I would then guess that maybe you are. Nothing to be upset about my friend, the pain we have gone through is not exactly "lightweight" you know. Speak with your Doctor to discuss non narcotic pain meds that can give you as much of the relief that you require.

I do feel horrible, I just CAN'T get comfortable at night and the past few nights have asked for a OxyCodon to help me sleep. I don't plan on stopping them anytime soon though.

We are ALL uniquely individual. Your pace of recovery is YOUR pace, no one elses. Be Happy with each day that gets a littl bit easier and easier.

I am only six days post surgery, I still feel like crying, but, it is NOT an overwhelming feeling anymore. Then again, my moods may change with the wind, depending on if it is a "Good Day or a "Bad Day".....

I am just trying to keep positive..........

I am sorry, but, I don't know what kind of exercises you should do prior to surgery. I only had like two weeks to wrap my mind around the whole thing.

This WILL be MUCH HARDER the you could have TRULY, EVER EXPECTED. I won't kid you. Just last night I was lieing in bed here at rehab, crying myself to sleep, saying, "What Have I Done.....???!!!

The pain is MUCH MORE than you can ever think you could have, the uncomfortableness is off the charts, but, just six days post surgery, AND a new day, I think that this will be one of the best things I have done.

I may be crying myelf to sleep for many nights too, sleeping is just not fun. It was MUCH easier right after surgery when you are all drugged up......

I still feel a little bit depressed. This whole thing is SO overwhelming.

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Old 10-26-2009, 03:46 PM   #542
Exit 148
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Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

SueSan -- I'm a bit ahead of you, (4 1/2 weeks PO) but when I realized what I'd got myself into, I was not in tears, but in a depression. The depression is still there, but it was the little things that made me feel that there was an end to this ordeal. Little things like raising my leg a bit without the 'leash' --- or when I was dressing myself, being able to lift my heel up just an inch enough to ease my sock on. I still can't judge progress day to day, but as to where I was a week ago.

I really wish I had heard of that book that was mentioned. I had spoken to others who have had TKR, and felt it was going to be worth it. I know it will be, but I realize now that I had a few more years than those women, and that makes a difference. There is lots to read on line, but I have to say, that this forum is just the best!!!! You ALL understand!!

About the depression. I'm sure it is about being pent up, being helpless (to an extent) and having to be so dependent. Thank goodness for the internet and my favorite political forums as I can get my mind off myself there, but if it continues another week, then I will ask about some temporary help.

GaterGal -- Does kitty like to walk on your operative leg? One of my cats, Daisy, likes to jump up and walk right up my leg as tho it was a path!!

I don't use the shower chair any longer, but one of the best things we did was to install bars in the shower. It is not a slippery shower, but it is nice knowing they are there.

Old 10-27-2009, 07:51 AM   #543
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shatteredangel5 HB User
Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

I agree that if PT's have colds or symptoms, to STAY home. I would have showed them the door also and tell them not to come back until they are healthy or find a substitute for therapy. I don't know about anybody else, but I don't think any of us can afford to be sick right after surgery. I make sure I disinfect after people leave my home....counter tops, sink, bathroom, door knobs. Maybe I'm being paranoid but better safe than sorry? I don't know but I have become more aware of infections now than before, all because of reading that you need to be careful of the new knee and getting infections......even after a year or two. Boy...I guess I'm paranoid!!!!!! Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?

Depression sucks...period! It's easy to get depressed now, especially if you're out in the country and you see nothing (but 4 walls) or nobody for long periods of time. I mean my hubby sees people all the time, meaning "men" friends. But, I don't like to hang out with men all the time. Kind of nice to have a woman to talk too once in a while. My kids have been great for the most part, they call me almost every day and get over when they can....only one of them has a license (I have 4 kids and a grandbaby....stink pot that he is LOL but I love them all). Thank God for kids huh!!

It's been nice weather here for a few days (in the 60's) so I have gone for walks and have taken care of my flower beds for the winter (eewwww...what a word LOL). I envy you guys in a warmer climate....especially!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful pain free day. Thanks all for listening to my rantings.

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Exit 148
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Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

When family visited while I was in the hospital, I made sure we just blew kisses -- from across the room. They will be here this week-end and it will be the same. No hugs or kisses for a while --- especially right now. Bad enough to be concerned with our own vunerability, but it is the season of colds and flu, too.

DH has a pacemaker and last evening he showed me his swollen hand. He said it was from hitting the staple too hard for papers at work. He said he also had had a small scrape on that wrist. Well------ I said to call the Dr. first thing in the morning. He has a phone meeting today and said he couldn't do it. Short story ---- he called, and saw the Dr. and in now on antibiotics!! Better that than ending up in the hospital on IV medication ------- as he was 2 times with a foot infection. The scare of MRSA is enough to warch yourself very carefully.

After missing 2 sessions of PT last week, and going from 100 down to 95 on the ROM, I really tried to get myself back on line since. At last evening's session, I was anticipating, with dread, when the PT was going to push my leg to get it beyond the 95 he pushed to 3 days ago. But he tried something else instead. It was an exercise where my feet were flat on a wall with my knees bent, and my butt was close to the wall. I bent the operative leg as much as I could, and used my other leg to PUSH it into as deep a bend as I could. After 30 pushes, he measured it as 95. I did it on my own. If he had pushed, I'm sure it would have been close to 100, but he was pleased with the 95, cause I did it myself. So --- I'm continuing that same exersise here at home and I hope my range will continue to improve. It hurts like h**l, but I can go to the limit where I feel I can't go beyond. And --- if he keeps it up, and the range continues, then I will gladly face the PT sessions. But it means lots of work here at home too.

Talking about the little improvements that make you feel that you are making progress. You know how you sometimes use one foot to push off a sneaker, and the other foot to push off the other sneaker? Well, there was no way my operative leg could do that. Just lifting my heel off the floor to get a sock on made me feel happy. Well, one day I used my operative leg to push the other sneaker off! It hurt at first, but now it is a daily thing! Little steps like that are my guidelines on how far I've come in these 4 1/2 weeks.

We don't have many family living near us, so visits are not frequent. But I don't feel closed in by 4 walls. This room where we "live", by the kitchen and where the TV and computer is, is fairly large. It has one brick wall with a fireplace, but 2 other walls are all large windows. I really feel as tho I am outdoors all year round. I have my bird feeder filled and the yard is a wall of green with most of the green tall beautiful bamboo. Over the room is a massive oak, and the rusty leaves are ablaze right now. I've always said that if we move, this room goes with us --- as well as a pool in the back yard ------ AND the massive white oak! LOL! I really don't feel that I have reasons for depression, but maybe it is just a combo of all that has happened this past month. Just overwhelming.

I really hope I have found an answer to my fear of that terrible pain from the PT. I know that the ones that push you are the ones you thank later on. So, I must do my part and do my own pushing here at home. Off the 'puter I go --- and to the exercises!

Old 10-27-2009, 07:04 PM   #545
Exit 148
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Location: Glen Ridge
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Exit 148 HB User
Re: Total Knee Replacement: Recovery - Things I wish I knew!

The hospital where I had my TKR, also has its own PT unit -- separate and apart from the surgical wing . It is like going to PT/OT, but is just in the hospital confines. It had a couple of other knee replacements, but also all kinds of other patients. There was a dining room and and a recreational therapist who had all kinds of stuff set up to entice patients to join. They encouraged people to eat in the dining room and attend the functions. I did at first, but I was only one of 2 or 3 others. Not really fun or encouraging. Even the entertaining sessions were not so entertaining. I would rather have been in my room as I am never bored. I had my books and blackberry, and my Chinese interest stuff. And the other patients were mostly involved in their own concerns. I was happy to leave.

I'd heard of PT places where all are TKR, and that sounds kinda nice. You can encourage each other as you are all in the same situation, and compare your progress with others.

That is why I like this forum. Exchange of ideas and all kinds of suggestions and ideas to follow.

I stopped the medication as soon as I could. I hated the feeling of drugs and didn't find they deadened the pain that much, as I was on stuff that was pretty light. They probably would make me feel more like sleeping, but I didn't want them to be 'needed'. I find that since I'm back to my nightly 3 to 5 ounces of red wine just before bed, that it is enough to relax me and let me drift off. I'm a light sleeper, but I haven't had any tossing and turning. HaHa -- tossing and turning with a bum knee? LOL!

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