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blessedgirl7 07-24-2008 07:59 AM

Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
I am 23 years old and have a torn Meniscus. My doctor wants to scope it but I'm afraid it's going to mess up my knee for good. But he says that if I don't get the op, I could get premature artritis. It doesn't cause me pain yet, but it does pop when I walk sometimes.:confused:

Does anyone have advice or experience on this subject?

SpineAZ 07-25-2008 07:11 PM

Re: Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
An arthroscopy is a very easy procedure and doesn't mess up your knee. It's commonly used as a further diagnostic tool and also to clean up torn cartilage, meniscus problems, etc.

Think toward the future - think of the effects of NOT doing the artrhoscopy. If further damage or arthritis could occur you want to do everything in your power to fix as much of the problem as you can now.

I have an arthroscopy every few years on my right knee. For me it's an easy thing. Last year I was in at 10:00, surgery lasted 30 minutes and I was home by 1:00. I was checking email that night.

luckygrandma6 07-29-2008 05:02 AM

Re: Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
I guess it depends on what the problem is and why the surgery is needed. An MRI revealed I had a torn meniscus but the arthroscopy and the debridement the OS did messed my knee further leading to three other surgeries and my knee still is not right. Since the arthroscopy I've had a PKR, TKR and a spacer exchange plus two major back surgeries as all the pain wasn't because of the knee. I had a pinched nerve from Spinal Stenosis and what appeared to be a knee problem was mostly a back problem. The back and knee also go together and one should not be ruled out without ruling out the other. Now becasue of so much sugery my TKR overextends and collapses backwards and I have no control over it. The OS feels due to so much surgery that the tendons and ligamants are stretched and he's trying to correct it by putting me in a full length leg cast. So far I've had two cast, it is hurting my back and I'm going back to the OS today to discuss other options if there are any. We are trying to avoid more surgery,

gib 07-29-2008 11:23 AM

Re: Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
Hey[B] luckygrandma6[/B], Smithville Flats NY huh? How long have you been there? My mom and her sisters grew up there in the 40-50's, mom's 70, Madeline, Jane, Hilda Collyer. Grand dad Al Collyer and great grand dad Collyer farmed the land at the top of Collyer Rd., the old stone house on top of the hill, recently sold off by Valentino (sp?) who had the horse farm. My Aunt Jane lives in Binghamton.

Anyway, to the OP, if you aren't in pain, is the tear bad enough to where the Doc won't think it will heal? I had my knee scoped three years ago, doctor let me be the judge on scoping, he said it will either get better or you'll be back to see me, it didn't and I had him scope it. The surgery wouldn't do any more harm than what's already done. Do you run the risk of further damage if you don't get it fixed? Scoping is no big deal, I was in and out of the hospital in 3.5 hours, back to work at my desk job the next day. Sure it's surgery, but don't let it scare you too bad.

lthomas 07-30-2008 01:03 PM

Re: Young and Concerned about Knee Surgery
I have always had excellent results from knee arthroscopy. It was determined years ago that I would need multiple knee surgeries. I was told to do as little as posible as long as possible. That was in 1968 when there really wasn't much they could do.

My meniscus was totally shot and beyond repair when they scoped it in 1998. If I had it to do over I would have stayed in contact with an OS over the years. I think if I had the meniscus would have lasted longer.

There are a very few that have problems with meniscus repairs and arthorscopy but many more have excellent outcomes than bad surgeries. I would check with at least 1 other OS. When I had TKA I went to several OS to make sure it was what was best for me.

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