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pamm1 10-06-2008 01:47 PM

Knee/leg pain
Toward the end of August, I spent a couple of days climbing stairs at work. I developed cramping in my calves that went away, but then my left knee starting hurting. Actually, burning. After sitting at my desk, I would notice a burning sensation behind my left knee that would go away if I rubbed it or stood up for a while. As time has gone by, the pain has stayed and for the last few weeks, I cannot stand up and immediately put weight on my left leg. If I have been sitting for longer than 10 minutes, I have to stand up and stand still for about 30 seconds before my leg will hold my weight. Even then, I have a limp. The pain has also moved to include the left side of my knee and sometimes my whole lower leg. The longer I walk on my leg, the better it feels. My friends suggest that I must be cutting off the circulation to my leg when I bend my leg to sit and that I should worry about a clot. I have gone to my general m.d. who tells me to rest it and take Aleve. It does feel better to rest it, but real life does not allow me to just sit and rest. My m.d. told me the next step is to visit a orthapedic m.d. Anyone have any thing like this before?


Ashleyj9222 10-06-2008 06:58 PM

Re: Knee/leg pain
I have a sublixing patella and I have the problem of pain in the back of my knee when sitting for a long time. I found that when I take aleve, ice and elevate, and do some simple stretches, the problem isn't as painful. And if that doesn't work, try seeing an orthopedic doctor. Good luck!

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