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bossygirl 05-24-2009 07:53 AM

Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
I know I have been impatient but I truly thought by this time I would be walking on my own without pain and able to be more mobile. I am using one cane but I cannot go too far as the pain and the strain is too much and I am wiped out for rest of day and have to take some pain medication. What is the normal time to be able to walk properly without cane? Seems some people here are able to get back to normal quickly and some takes much longer. I am tired of being inside and not able to resume a normal life. I go back to work in 3 weeks so have beeen lucky to be off and am thankful for the recovery time but I am starting to fall into a bad way. Normally I am cheerful and optimistic but last few days I just cannot shake these feelings of frustration, sadness and distress. People don't seem to understand, at work I think they feel you are just off relaxing and taking it easy. I hope this passes soon, maybe it's hormones...who knows??

WindieOne 05-24-2009 02:19 PM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Hi Bossygirl,

Don't get down on yourself because, even though you're still using a cane, you are still healing and we all heal at different rates. I too am 8 weeks post hip replacement (3/30) and, like you, cannot leave the cane. I went back to work 3 weeks ago and thank goodness it has only been part time because after 4 to 6 hours, my hip is ready to come home and rest. At home I've been able to walk short distances without aid but any time I go out I have to use either my cane or one of my crutches. I'm also feeling tired of having to use the assistance but figure that I'm healing at my own pace and that I'll eventually get there. Hang in there and keep smiling :wave:

Silver Swan 05-25-2009 05:47 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Dear bossygirl and WindieOne:

You each are at the same stage of your recovery - only 8 weeks past surgery for hip replacement. These are such "early days" as the British say!

One thing I would suggest is that you use a walker instead of a cane - I hope you have one available. This for use at home because I understand about using a cane when out and about.

The walker gives more balanced distribution of your weight. And don't lean on the walker - use it just for balance and sense of security. Stand tall and whizz along.

Neither of you will be using a walking aid forever, but when you are tired it is not unusual to need some support, in my experience.

Don't try to be heroes! What for? You aren't getting graded!

When you are home and feeling tired, lie down for awhile and give your body a rest that way. At home, vary your activities so that you are not standing, lying down, sitting down, for long periods at a time. Keeping one position for too long makes one stiff then when changing position.

Improvement will come gradually. Your bodies will heal at their own pace, so stop fretting. Your body knows what to do.

Shirley H.

bossygirl 05-25-2009 11:06 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Thanks ladies for your input and support. I feel better today, just was feeling in a bit of a slump. I know these things take time, maybe because we are just getting nice weather finally too and I feel so limited but it will all work out and in time I will be so much better off without all the pain I had before.
Another thing I struggle with a bit is that people at work do not understand that this is a big surgery and takes time to heal. I feel they will treat me like an outsider and be somewhat resentful to me when I return, and to them that I may have been able to come back sooner. Not sure if this is my own paranoia as I work in a stressful environment with a couple workaholics and some selfish people. I think being home for a long time gives me too much time to think I crazy to feel this way?

Larimergirl 05-25-2009 11:53 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
As for work, can't say how your co-workers will react. But, my suggestion is to just be matter of fact about your limitations. Use your cane, bring in a reacher to help you pick up dropped pieces of paper, etc. Also, if you don't have a good orthopedic chair to sit in, bring a good cushion. There are quite a few on the market that would be suitable to bring to work. I didn't need any of these long at work--except the reacher, which was most handy. I didn't realize how often I drop paper until I was restricted from bending. I still have the reacher in my office, but its in a corner.

If anyone is snarky, just describe what the surgeon actually did to you. That will quiet anyone down....medical carpentry!!!

Silver Swan 05-25-2009 12:09 PM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Dear bossygirl:

I think that Maggie has it just right - be very cheerful and non - aplogetic about the aids you bring to your work place. If you just accept the necessity of these aids, I believe your fellow workers will too. No apologizing or embarrassment on your part - although I completely understand how you feel about this.

One future day, some of them might be secretly thanking you for introducing them to these aids, because they might be candidates for hip or knee replacements themselves. As the Baby Boomers age, we will be seeing more of these gadgets

You may find some of them borrowing your reacher after they see how useful it is.

Shirley H.

bossygirl 05-26-2009 11:22 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Thanks alot Maggie and Shirley and you are both quite right. That reacher to me was like a maagic tool in the early days post op and was invaluable so I will bring to office also. For sure I think I will still be needing the cane but hope the chair will be okay as is. The first week I will start with half days I believe and notes that I may need extended breaks to walk around. I am hopeful they will just be glad I am back to share the workload. I am a positive and cheerful person normally and being only 50 is young for the operation, but I will do my best on return. My boss is kindof cold and unfeeling so I think that is where the paranoia mostly comes from. One friend told me to pull my pants down and show them the scar if they don't empathise about the time off...have a great day ladies and thansk for all the support, it really helps!

Larimergirl 05-27-2009 10:49 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
I was lucky in that I have a very sympathetic boss but even he didn't want to know too many details. I had to argue with him to let me travel because he worried that it would be too difficult on the planes. My first trip was with him and he carried my luggage and briefcase. By second trip, he didn't offer and let me handle my own gear. Made me laugh, but I was glad that he didn't continue to fuss.

Your boss may have been told not to ask employees too many questions about health issues by HR as it is kind of sticky to do so in the workplace. But, if he does ask questions or make comments about limitations, just assure him (cheerfully) that you are being careful to follow all doctor recommendations so that you can stay on the job and get back to top form as soon as possible. Last thing he should want is for you to have any setbacks! Maggie

liverpool sue 05-27-2009 12:43 PM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
hi bossygirl. i haven't been checking this board for a while as i'm on holiday and the internet connection is a bit hit-and-miss, but i just checked in and saw your post. you know, it could well be hormone-related too, the way you're feeling down. i was 51 in the september and had my first hip done 2 months later in the november. i had the second hip done the following august, so i had the 2 ops in the year i was 51 - and my hormones were in full peri-mode!!!!! i think my surgeon finally released me early because i was such a cry-baby, no-one could look at me the wrong way but i would burst into tears, and that's really not me at all. my periods stopped completely for a few months after each op, and i thought i'd finally got rid of them for good, but oh, no, they came back again, and then the hot flashes started.
it's such a bit op that it's no wonder it can trigger feelings and physical things that we've never experienced before, but you most definately will start to feel better soon as your recovery goes along and you see some more improvement in your new hip. maybe worth a chat with your doctor about menopause and how that could be having quite an impact on you right now.
best of luck,
ps. i've had my bikini on every day and flashed my hip scars to the world!

Larimergirl 05-27-2009 08:04 PM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Sue: good for you re bikini! I went swimming this week at the neighborhood pool, but stuck to the one piece. My scar is visible but not too bad. My real problem re bathing suit is weight gain from last few months and the cellulite. I'm getting back in gear now though and determined to get back in shape. Maggie

liverpool sue 05-29-2009 04:54 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
maggie, i completely empathise about the weight gain. i had a triple whammey - i gave up work (unrelated to my hip problem), then a few weeks later the hip problem started and got worse very quickly meaning i became very inactive, then menopause hit!!! didn't stand a chance! i gained 2 stone (28lbs) very quickly, mostly round my middle, and have failed to get rid of it at all. i have now more or less accepted that this is me, and refuse to feel inhibited about it. i bought clothes a size (or 2) bigger which actually fit me and feel a whole lot better about myself. i absolutely refuse to give up the bikini though, hate wearing a one-piece suit, especially on holiday. even bought a tankini thinking that would be the best of both, but really don't get along with it.
i'm now just very grateful that i'm fit and healthy and able to do most of what i did before the hip problems started and refuse to let my weight get me down.

bossygirl 05-29-2009 07:43 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Thanks alot ladies for your input and advice once again. Could be pre-menopausal but also maybe a bit anxious about going back to work in 2 weeks. I will just be as nice as I can be, avoid my boss where possible and carry on. I have to start off with half days first week which will be hard as there will be so much work and people starting to go on vacations. I had my last physio appt. yesterday so now just have to do the exercises on my own. I found the physio exercises actually helped me tone up a bit and have lost 15 pounds, though my late night snacking does not help. As far as wearing bikini and all, we as women should do whatever makes us feel good and to be comfortable. I have spent too much of life worrying about others and what people think of me but since my operation, I seem to have a new lease on life. Once my leg is stronger and walking better, things will be great as I have none of the pain I had before surgery. Life is hard enough these days in this crazy world so we must march on, strong and chin up! Wishing all a great weekend and forever grateful for this message board!

keil 05-29-2009 11:24 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
I agree, the walker was great, way better than crutches or a cane, you stand up streight and that helps too. I am 4 years post op THP, I was up front and "matterof fact" with my co-workers and boss. Told them my limitations and what I "can not do". They didn't like it but understood - after a while.
I am going f ra TKR on 6/12 so I am getting ready for that, will be out of work 12 weeks.
Please if anyone had knee replacement - read my other post "Post Op TKR"

memaple 05-29-2009 11:25 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
I am 4 weeks post op with a TLHR. I have physical therapy twice a week, no pain killers, no pain in the hip, but I still can't leave my cane. If I do, I limp, so I don't do that often. I walk about a mile a day, but am very frustrated that I can't throw the cane away. I know that I will heal soon, but I feel it's not soon enough. Thanks for the information and encouragement. It helps to know that others have experienced the same thing and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

keil 05-29-2009 11:30 AM

Re: Feeling depressed 8 weeks post THR
Yes there is light at the end of the tunnel... but it might look closer that it really is... if you need the cane use it. Nothing wrong with a person walking with a cane!
Good Luck and hang in there!

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