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  • Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

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    Old 11-25-2009, 12:35 AM   #1
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    Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

    Hi, I'm new and have been lurking and reading trying to figure out anything similar to my problem. No luck so far so here is my story. I fell hard at my job in Aug. immediately my knee was black and blue swollen like a grapefruit. I didn't know how Workman's comp worked and since i work for min. plus tips tried to take some time off and RICE on my own. I could barely walk or put direct pressure on my knee. Still can't go across to make my bed. It looked horrible and felt worse. I was getting worse and went to ER as I woke up and could not move.That was about 3 and a half weeks after the fall. My back throbbed and I thought I was paralyzed. The ER doc treated me for back pain gave me a RX percodan and soma. I told him it was a fall and my knee was the problem. They gave me a shot of Demerol and sent me on my way. I started limping bad and my back just burns along with the tearing and burning feeling in my knee. I also felt like under my whole body was like watery like jello or like something leaked it was weird . Lasted a couple days also the bottoms of my feet felt really hot. Went to a chrio. He helped but I still wanted a xray of my knee went back to ER had waited about 3 hours and the ambulance brought a patient in with MRSA right next to me. That freaked me out and I left. Went to a dif hospital and xray showed nothing broken but to follow up with Workman's comp. Told my boss I need to file Workman's comp claim and went to the group health provider. He diagnosed me as knee sprain and bursitis gave me anti inflammatory and started me 3x per week PT. I told them it hurt but they said it was supposed to that's how I know its working. Anyway 2nd week in I said no more i am getting worse, no one touches me until i get an mri. I asked the doc if he was a doctor or a puppet since my knee is black and blue i can hardly walk, back aches while someone in an office decides if i need an mri. DUH! My whole life is gone all i do is ice ice ice. I was supposed to go last sat for the mri finally but machine coil broke I started crying since that was my just hang on 1 more day then poof ~ no go. I go in the morning 6:30 I am supposed to sign a paper that I will not hold anyone in my treatment responsible or sue. Is that always a condition of an mri with Workman's comp????? I do hold them somewhat responsible since they had me doing pt without knowing what is wrong with me. I used to be so active rode my bike to work, tennis, walked 3-4 miles a day. Now nothing I've gained 20+ pounds clothes don't fit have been buying vicodin off the street and i am still in pain. I think my kneecap moved over and since i am no baby it is going to be something more than a sprain. I have been working since i also have no work restrictions I can hardly stand it anymore. Since the holiday i wont know what wrong until next Tuesday. I am no doctor but if my knee is still bruised after 3 months than something is bleeding under my kneecap. Is there a possibility I could lose my leg? I am very scarred and the wait is agonizing. Sorry if this sounds rambled I'm trying to hurry and get in bed since i have to be there at 6 and work at 11. It's gonna be a long long day. I have been using a cane and knee brace as well as a back brace. The chrio wont treat me anymore since its now Workman's comp. He was helping. Any advice would be helpful as i don't know how to handle or what to do. Also I have never had any medical issues before now was very blessed and have learned the hard way don't take things for granted and to count my many blessings! This group included. I just want to cry its been so long and I just want my knee fixed. I had no idea how precious knees are. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

    I don't have any answers for you, but I hope you find out something definitive. Pain always seems worse when we don't know why or what is wrong. If we know what is going on, it seems more manageable. Let us know how you get along.

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    Re: Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

    Have you tried seeing a Physical therapist?

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    Re: Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

    Your post made me cry because you have suffered so much and are in great need of relief. I agree with you that pain-free knees are a blessing—a blessing we ignore when our knees are healthy.

    I pray that God will (1) guide you to the right health care physician, (2) give him/her wisdom in knowing how to treat your knee and (3) give you relief from your pain.

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    Re: Bruised Swollen Knee since Aug.

    Hi. I'm Jenny and I've had major injuries to both knees and 14 knee surgeries. I know a thing or 2 about knees.

    Yes, a bruised kneecap can stay black and blue for months as any bone bruise can do. It just takes incredibly long to heal. The fact that it hurts to the touch seems to indicate that you have surface bruising and not internal injuries to the knee but your MRI will show that if you do. It is easy to tear the meniscus with a hard impact but you haven't mentioned locking or giving away of the joint. The other thing they worry about is torn ligaments, either inside with the ACL or the collateral ligaments on the sides. How unstable is your knee when you walk or stand?

    That feeling of walking/standing on jello is from all the fluid in the joint. Has anyone suggested draining the fluid?

    Some of the other symptoms you mention with your back and the burning feet and the burning and tearing in your knee may be from a back injury from the fall. Muscle spasms can compress the sciatic nerve and cause that burning pain all the way down your leg. So have your back checked out too(and not by a chiropractor). You need an orthopedist who can write the medical reports you need for WC. And you most definitely need an orthopedist to give you restrictions before you get worse. You do have the right to see your own doctor and see an orthopedist you want to see....not just their doc. Check with your state's Workman's Comp website on your rights.

    I checked with a lawyer the last time I was injured at work and learned I could(and should) file for WC by myself directly to the state and by-pass my company. At the same time I notified my employer's home office and the local site manager. They had 30 days to contest the injury and once that time went by, everything was covered without question. And I got back pay to the date of the injury even though I still worked. So check out your state laws. You are not at the mercy of WC and your can run the show.

    But I wouldn't sweat losing your leg or anything like that. Knee injuries look bad and hurt like the dickens but I doubt you've done anything really bad. My first injury I got caught in a rock slide while hiking in the Rockies. Tore the medial collateral ligaments, the anterior cruciate ligament(inside the knee)and the medial meniscus....and I walked out of the slide and walked around for the next 2 years until I finally had it operated on. I wouldn't do that again as I destabilized my knee but back then(1966) they rarely operated on womens knees. It takes a major. major injury to really mess up a knee.

    So try changing from ice to heat at this point to encourage a good blood supply. Ice keeps the bruise from healing...heat will help clear it. Ice is good for the first few days but after that, heat is best. Heat will help get rid of the fluid inside the joint too. Ice doesn't affect that. Ligaments and cartilage don't have much if any of a blood supply so anything to enhance the blood flow is good. Use an ACE bandage on it to give it stability and force the fluid out of the joint. If the discoloration is behind and below the knee cap, you may have ruptured a bursa and it will grow back but it is painful until then. Like moving a rusted joint. And if you've injured the cartilage on the back of the kneecap, it can be surgically capped with plastic but that is a last resort. You wait for the swelling to go down and then see what it's like. No one operates on a swollen knee unless there is something very wrong. They prefer to wait and see what it feels like and how stable it is.

    So try to relax and don't worry too much. It is not abnormal to have that much bruising and pain after this long. And get a handle on the WC in case you do need more treatment.

    Good luck and if you have any more questions, ask away.


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