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PatsFanInTN 01-07-2011 10:34 AM

Pain after hip surgery - related or not?
My wife, 48, had a fracture in her right hip and had surgery in August 2010. The doctor inserted a "nail" (I would call it a rod as it's about a foot long) in her femur and another through the first that angles up into her hip. This required just two small (~1") incisions and is apparently a newer method that replaces having to have a plate attached to the femur -- I don't remember what this procedure is called.

Before the surgery the orthopedic surgeon told us this operation was really not an option, that the fracture would not heal properly without it and she would endure terrible pain. He said or at least implied that although the fracture healing would take a few months there would not be much pain after the surgery because there would no longer be movement along the fracture. WRONG! My wife has had pain since (it's now been almost five months) and it seems to be getting worse. First he told us it would last about six weeks, then it was three months, then up to six months, and now he says the pain isn't related to the surgery at all. She has had x-rays and an MRI that apparently show the fracture has healed and no other problems. Since she has had some history of lower back pain (that was never fully diagnosed or treated) the doctor also checked that with the MRI and said that she doesn't have any serious spinal problems showing up that should be causing that pain. He now seems to be guessing that it is "bursitis" which he made sound was untreatable. He did schedule some type of shots with another doctor but sounded skeptical on whether that would help because he said her pain is too spread out (more on that below). She hasn't had the shots yet. He also had her come back for an EMG to test her nerves and she just had this done and we don't have the results yet. Part of the reason for doing the EMG was also because her right quadriceps is noticable smaller than her left even though she has been doing physical therapy ever since the surgery. She uses a straight cane for walking.

Her pain is constant but can really vary in intensity. It seems to be worst, or emanating from, about the middle of her right buttocks and travels down her right leg. She says it hurts most from her buttock around to the side of her upper leg (near but apparently not directly on her hip). She takes 7.5 mg hydrocodone four times daily but this no longer helps much. She seems to be in great agony at least a couple of times a day lasting an hour or so. I don't remember her pain being any worse than this before the surgery.

Thoughts? Advice? Similar experiences? Thanks.

barb70 01-08-2011 07:39 AM

Re: Pain after hip surgery - related or not?
My EXACT experience, but with a knee. Doc doesn't know diddley-do and I had the finest in my city. Therefore I am going to be seeing another Ortho. Pain in back may be shooting to the hip. Shots and pain pills do nothing for me either. Maybe a spine specialist would help with some answers?

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