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SpineAZ 01-11-2012 08:28 AM

Re: Total Knee Replacement
I'm at 3.5 months post and have 125 degrees of flexion (I'll have 125 one day and then two days later be 120-123). I strategically planned the TKR for end of September knowing I had 26 PT visits per year, hadn't used any, and had already had both hands operated on for Carpal Tunnel in the Spring. Thus I had reached my insurance out of pocket maximum for 2011 before the TKR. I pushed to get all 26 sessions of PT in for 2011 and have agreed to use 8 of my 2012 allotment. I worry if I use all 26 I'll need PT for something else later in the year and have none left. Since I already met my 2011 annual out of pocket maximum by September I haven't had to pay anything for the TKR, 5 days in the hospital, home health care for 2 wk and 26 PT sessions . Now I'll be paying for PT. I'm only 45 and thankfully the other knee doesn't need to be done yet.

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