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KathrynJ 08-30-2011 07:57 PM

osteochondral allograft transplant
I have a large-ish osteochondral defect on the weight-bearing surface of my lateral femoral condyle, from an old riding accident. It been scoped 4 times to retrieve loose bodies and generally tidy up, and has been gradually getting more and more painful over the years.

I've been referred on by 2 surgeons this year, and will see the third one in a couple of weeks, to discuss the 2nd one's recommendation.... an osteochondral allograft transplant. This is essentially a transplant of a portion of the lateral femoral condyle from a recently deceased tissue donor.

My question is, has anyone out there had this procedure? (I'm give to believe that it's not terribly common) What kind of result did you have? Do you have regrets about having it done, or do you recommend it?

The surgeon I will be seeing has been one of the pioneers of this procedure, so I have no doubt that I would be in good hands, but it involves 3 months non-weight-bearing post-op, and a lengthy rehab.... a far cry from the arthroscopic day surgery I was anticipating!

Keithap 11-11-2011 10:41 PM

Re: osteochondral allograft transplant
Had the transplant 10/31/11. Im toe touch weight bearing for 4 weeks followed by wbat for however long it takes to heal. With a hx of 5 surgeries, im thinking about 6 months at least to feel good and a year to feel 'normal'. I have a twitter feed @kneeop6. Stay tuned...
My question is, has anyone out there had this procedure? (I'm give to believe that it's not terribly common) What kind of result did you have? Do you have regrets about having it done, or do you rec.ommend it

KathrynJ 11-13-2011 06:07 PM

Re: osteochondral allograft transplant
Hi Keithap
Haven't had it yet, but am on the list to have the osteochondral allograft done on my left lateral femoral condyle. Funny you're a physio - I'm an O.T.

I'm having it done in Toronto, Dr. Alan Gross -- seems to be quite a guru/pioneer in reconstructive orthopaedics, so I think I'm in good hands. Apparently he has the largest bank of OATS under study in the world.

I'm interested in how your rehab is coming along... I was told NWB for 3 months, I prefer the sound of WBAT at 4 weeks. Was the post-op pain ridiculous? Did you need an osteotomy too? Dr. G. says my legs are plumb-straight, but since he wants to off-load the lateral compartment to preserve the graft, he's going to do a medial tibial osteotomy while he's in there.

What kind of anesthesia did you have - I'm told to expect a spinal, which I've never had before.

TaylorJean 11-22-2012 03:56 PM

Re: osteochondral allograft transplant
Hi, im 20 years old and have Perthes disease in both of my hips. Recently i have been having a lot of pain and an MRI confirmed cartilage loss in my left hip. My doctor, Dr. Kuzyk and Dr. Allan Gross are recommending an osteochondral allograft to avoid a hip replacement. I was just wondering how everything went for you? I am quite scarred and looking for some reassurance. Not quite sure what to expect.

KathrynJ 11-22-2012 04:45 PM

Re: osteochondral allograft transplant
Dr Gross is wonderful! My result has been great - I had the surgery Feb 29 of this past spring, crutches till mid-May, then about 5 or 6 weeks until I could walk well enough to go back to work. Still regaining strength, but am doing all regular activities. The range of motion was tough to get, but now, it's even better than it was pre-op. My knee will never be a perfect knee, it's still crunchy with a lot of bad cartilage etc. But the focal defect, that was causing stabbing pains when I walked for over 10 minutes, is GONE. I can walk for over an hour, no pain. It still gets a bit stiff now and then, and it doesn't love me kneeling on it, but that's no biggie - my goal was to be able to walk pain-free again, and now I can.

Now, my situation was for a knee, not a hip, so your protocol may be different.

I was a bit leery re: risk of infection, but Dr. Gross and my surgeon here both said that the risk of that is infinitesimal. I work at a hospital, I'm probably more likely to pick up some nasty infection at work, rather than from this surgery.

All in all, my procedure has been a resounding success, and despite my initial hesitancy (just like hours!) I'm very glad I had it done. Good luck!!

bigdaddyfrank 02-02-2013 06:58 PM

Re: osteochondral allograft transplant
had an osteochondral allograft transplant 4 months ago at hosp for special surgery, doctor riley williams. guy is brilliant. i was weight bearing as tolerated within 2 weeks, cane and crutch free within 2 1/2 weeks. 2 defects repaired. ive had 2 acls's, several meniscal tears and now this. first few weeks are very rough, but it gets better. ice ice baby, quad sets and get that range asap. still cant run or hoop, but everything else is good. hopeful to be good to go in 2 months. its all about the quads, hammies and HIP stabilizers. get to work.

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