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aqua12 04-26-2012 03:41 PM

Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar following a knee arthroscopy. 2 yrs ago had bi lateral knee arthroscopies; and required further arthroscopy on Rt knees 2 wks ago. Portal sites healing well, but under one I have odd swelling which literally looks like there is a large marble under the skin, which does not appear to be reducing, despite regular icing. Joint is still very bruised, quite swollen, but not hot or appear inflamed. Surgeon appears to have used same site as previous, leaving me to wonder if this is scar tissue forming? If so, what can I do to reduce?

Any advice would be much appreciated, should I be concerned about this or has anyone else had the same therefore normal?

Many Thanks in advance.

janewhite1 04-26-2012 04:48 PM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal
Massage it hard. Could be some synovial fluid gathering in the incision, it's happened to me. Rubbing it several times a day will help it stay down.

aqua12 04-26-2012 05:33 PM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal
Thank you for such a prompt response, always helps some how to hear 'its happened to me'. Will certainly try massage, Much appreciated.

elainesophia 05-02-2012 06:32 AM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal
I have had many of these over the past 30yrs - no 2 are the same but the same scars are always used and I have never had a problem.
You will find that if you straighten the leg then the scar areas are probably still pertruding - this is due to the soft tissue inside still being inflamed - 2 weeks is no time at all.
Keep massaging the lump and it will dissapear - just dont try and do too much too soon.
take care

aqua12 05-02-2012 07:04 AM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal
Hello, Thank you for your reply. It is reassuring to know this is 'normal'. I am massaging but the lump is still there. It doesn't appear to be causing me too many problems, I now have a good range of movement, stiffness getting less with stretching, which is the main thing. You are right mainly noticeable when standing, or leg straight. Knee still 1 1/2 times the other, so clearly a lot of swelling going on in side. When in recovery room, was told needed more steroid steroid injections so maybe something was seen during arthroscopy explaining this. Have grade 1V OA in both knees - so recovery certainly taking longer than would like, but the locking seems to have gone, so all in all hoping has bought me more time, before dreaded TKR.

Many Thanks again, reply much appreciated.

elainesophia 05-02-2012 08:40 AM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal

How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I have just been unlucky with both my knees since about the age of 10. Since 19yrs have had regular 'clean-outs' or cartilidge damage. When I first strated having the 'clean-outs' my knees used to swell / be difficult to move properly for quite a while after. Mind you this also depended on how quickly I bothered to go back to the knee guy - having a very high pain threshold I usually leave it very late.

Had my left knee replaced 3yrs ago at the age of 47 - due to age recovery too alot longer but it was the best thing I ever did. The only thing I cant do with it is kneel totally flat back on my legs - I can cope with that - gets bit more every so often even now.

The other thing I have started doing randomly since is riding my bike for 30miles every 4 wks or so - had the latest 'clean-out' in feb and knee was functioning with no swelling or lack of movement from the time I woke up :-) I can only put this down to the exercise the knee gets with the bike.

take care

aqua12 05-02-2012 10:06 AM

Re: Knee arthroscopy - 2 wks ago swelling around Portal

I'm 42yrs. Have had problems with my knees for over 20yrs. Struggled massively to get a diagnosis, mainly because nothing ever showed on xrays. Later found out this was due to xrays not being taken at correct angles, as have patella femoral Osteoarthritis which is behind the Knee cap, so Grade 4 OA only diagnosed after first arthroscopies 2 yrs ago. Probably didn't help my self a bit in this over the yrs, just kept getting very frustrated at never getting explanation for pain, difficult to live with pain and always find strength to try and justify or reason it all the time; so almost became easier to live with it best I could. Now, believed to be as result of initial knee problems also have damaged in my back, years of not flexing legs properly when walking with pain, and a damaged ankle (diagnosis still pending!) from fall yrs ago knee giving way, again neglected to pursue proper diagnosis/treatment due to my frustration and becoming disheartened with medical system. I was told 2 yrs ago required TKR's - so know this day is approaching!

With regard to arthroscopies, it is strange and true to say each one is different. Last time both done bilaterial same time , and walked out hospital unaided - no stick crutch or anything. This time, the pain was excruciating first 2-3 days - (unable to weight bear at all) - and I also do have high pain threshold. Recovery been much more difficult.

Glad to hear your TKR went well - see OS in 3 wks for follow up - this subject will come up again for me - hence doing ' my research' on these boards, so always reassuring to hear when has gone well. From what I can gather the successes do seem to out way the regrets. Take Care

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