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booper29 05-07-2012 08:59 PM

Knee stress
I recently hurt my left knee while running in a marathon. After visiting with 4 doctors and all of them stated that I needed to see an Orthopedic surgeon, I decided to make an appointment with one. When I saw the specialist, he did multiple physical exams and stated that I had a torn ACL and meniscus. He told me that he wanted an MRI done that day and then told me to keep my leg in a brace and stay on crutches because he didn't want me to do any more damage. I have been in a lot of pain but am scared that once the MRI results come back he will say that they wont do anything. My question is, since he ordered an MRI so fast then does that mean he thinks I have seriously injured my knee? And how sure are doctors when they tell you what you have torn after they do their physical exam? I just want surgery so I can get my knee fixed and get back to feeling better and would like to put this stress at ease. Anything anyone can offer will help.

janewhite1 05-07-2012 09:49 PM

Re: Knee stress
If an orthopedist did a full exam, his conclusions about tears are probably pretty accurate. And the reason he wants the MRI is to help figure out whether surgery would be helpful. If you do have surgery, he'll want the films as a guide.

However, whether you have surgery or not, it'll be a long road back to normal, I'm afraid. If he stitches up your meniscus, that's 6 weeks on crutches immobilized, then you start PT.

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