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neds906 07-20-2012 04:23 AM

2nd Opionon on Hip revision
I went and got a 2nd opinon on my hip revision I had done on 02/29/2012. I still seem to be having complications so I got a 2nd opionon on the overall. I seen the doctor this past wednesday . He said the doctor who did the revision had put a bigger ball and socket in compared to what he would have used. I stated I have a small stature and never would have used that big of a ball and socket.
The second thing he said was the xrays i had on leg discrepancy was not correct . It was read as 0.1 cm off meaning (no leg length discrepancy) . On the xray s I brought for him to see he showed me 4 landmarks they go but to check for discrepancy in length and he measured it and it is at least 3/8'' to long on the rt. leg(revision leg) compared to the lt, leg, he said to get a 3/8'' heel insert.
Know this doctor I seen in Green bay, WI is known statewide for his hip specialty . I wish I had went to see him before my surgery because I would have had him do the revision.
He also told me to do everything I can and follow all physical therapy instructions and precautions so I do not dislocate it again(twice now in 8 weeks). He said the more it dislocates it stretches the muscle and it will not shrink back down. He also aid if it does continue to dislocate then i will need another surgery to put more muscle in the are to stop it from dislocating,
So i just have to be careful on all aspects and do everything i can not to dislocate it....
I just wanted to fill you's in on what I founf out about the hip.. The way I look at it is keep on trucking , do the best I can and pray to God for the best out of Life .....Terri

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