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AllandNothing 09-15-2012 03:39 PM

After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?
I am having a TKR next January/February. Right now the pain is worst during the night, waking me at least once each night. But what bothers me the most is the stiff, unnatural way I have to walk. I can't step down normally. I feel like I sort of walk like Lurch.

After a TKR, does walking become natural and fluid again? Aside from the scar, is it possible others would not know I'd had this surgery from the way I walk?

I know several folks who have had the surgery, and to me they will walk like their knees are still a weak spot. I am hoping that if I work hard and do the right rehab work, I'll have better results. They are happy in terms of being pain free and having better mobility. But I guess I'm hoping for natural, and I wouldn't say I see that in them.

Does the unit that is used have any bearing on this?

What do you think?

glennxyz 09-16-2012 09:37 AM

Re: After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?
It is "fluid" for me. I had RTKR in Oct 2010. I had trouble walking 6 blocks before surgery and now routinely walk 18 holes of golf & 40+ blocks when we go to Manhattan. I was 55 when I had the surgery done so a little younger than the typical patient so that might be a factor. I have played more gold this summer than I have in 20 years. It feels "tender" if I walk a very hilly course but that feeling goes away after 1 night of rest.

Do all the exercise as prescribed that is key for fast/good recovery,
Good luck !

AllandNothing 09-16-2012 04:38 PM

Re: After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?
Thank you Glenn.

I am also mid-50's. The surgeon I went to for the initial exam said he wanted me to wait 5 years. I have decided to go to another surgeon and have it asap. On the one hand, I hate having to do this. But I am bone one bone and can't imagine losing the next 5 years of my life waiting. In many other ways, I've "waited" my life away. I'm done with that now. I have lost several friends in the past 2 years and one brother, none of them over 60. And these were not high risk people, but healthy and happy people who were fine one day and gone the next. So not waiting. I hope I feel as you do next year this time. I'd love to have my mobility back.

glennxyz 09-16-2012 06:20 PM

Re: After TKR, is walking "fluid" again?
Just read some of the "sticky" postings here so you know what to expect. The 1st 6-8 weeks following the surgery are tough but all up hill after that. There will be times that you will regret having the surgery during the early days following surgery this is normal. Just have to get thru it and keep doing the exercises. The outpatient PT worked wonders for me.


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