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nysue 10-06-2012 05:21 PM

hip/groin pain-how much a hip x-ray can show ?
how much a hip x-ray can show ? my said only: unremarkable hip, mild degenerative changes in SI joint ( is that arthritis ? ). I have pain that is getting worse, it's a hip and groin pain , sometimes dull other times sharp shooting pain. Also have a pain in one spot at my lower back ( probably where that SI joint is ? ) which is on and off. It's my left hip, and at night when I lay on my stomach if my left leg is stretched I have the pain, if I bend my left knee and pull my leg upward a little there is no pain. and I use have this pain at night only, now my hip hurts almost all the time.
any suggestions ? thanks !

Misty800 10-10-2012 03:07 PM

Re: hip/groin pain-how much a hip x-ray can show ?
Sounds like you may have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and possibly bursitis in your hip caused by your spine.

I currently have this problem, had steroid injections in hips (both a problem) and physical therapy for 4 months. I can now walk better, still have aching lower back and hip pain plus pinched nerve in the left leg (worst).

I waited too long to see an orthopedic physician that specializes in hips, I was crying uncle and then some for relief! 6 months of extreme pain could have been avoided had I gone to an orthopedic physician earlier.

Our age is not our friend sometimes the lower spine becomes more narrow where the nerves go out to the hip and pinches the nerve.

My hip, groin, upper thigh was extremely inflamed. The steroid injection helped relieve the inflammation (not completely). My hips were so hot I thought you might be able to fry an egg!!

Physical therapy has helped a great deal. However, it is something I will have to cope with or have surgery and I don't want surgery.

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