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grayfox 10-07-2012 05:28 PM

Hip stiffness and pain

I have been experiencing moderate stiffness and pain in my right hip for several months. My hip seems to frequently lock up and it is difficult to straighten my leg out. Walking is not a problem. I sprained my hip two years ago and I am wondering if I might have scar tissue building up. It almost feels like there is a growth near the inside of my hip.

I would appreciate any responses if anyone has ever experienced these symptoms. I will probably make an appointment with my doctor soon. I have been putting it off hoping it would go away.

Thanks in advance.


neilly 10-09-2012 01:48 PM

Re: Hip stiffness and pain
Sounds like you need a new hip, I have had 2 now,and your symptoms sound about right. When you first get up it is hard to straighten and the first few steps hurt and then is OK? If so that is what both mine were like. I am currently 2 weeks post op from no.2(2.5 yrs. since no.1) and doing really well. Be glad to give you any insights I can about surgery and recovery.Do get in and have it checked out. Neil

Curbs 10-09-2012 08:15 PM

Re: Hip stiffness and pain

It sounds like what I had! I had Left Total Hip Replacement on March 20th and Right Total Hip Replacement on May 10th.

I was in pain for years, I had a surgery scheduled many years ago however changed my mind as I didn't have confidence in my Doctor.
I found my Doctor this year and decided and knew he was the one to do my surgery. I do not have any pain, I can do things that I couldnt do for many years. Walking 6 miles a day and cycling 15 to 20 miles on weekends!

My Doctor was brilliant, compassionate, caring and always had the time to listen and answer all my questions so I could understand. Best wishes and good

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