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Summer Gal 02-23-2013 05:44 PM

Torn gluteus muscle
What questions do you suggest to ask the surgeon I am consulting about repairing a torn gluteus medius muscle in my hip?

SweetPeainSF 02-23-2013 11:29 PM

Re: Torn gluteus muscle
Welcome -- thanks for posting! Surgeons often downplay recovery; here are some general questions I would ask any doctor:

How long practicing? What is the doctor's focus in his practice? How many of these surgeries has s/he performed? What percentage of his/her practice is committed to this type of surgery?

What is the expected outcome? Potential complications? What are the risks of not having surgery? What are the risks of delaying surgery? Are there any exercises you can do pre-surgery to help make recovery more successful?

How long will you be in the hospital? How will you be taken home after the surgery? How much assistance will you need at home after surgery? What type of activity limitations will you have? For how long? Will you be on crutches? Will you need physical therapy? How many times after surgery will you see the surgeon? If you need medical care outside of business hours, will the doctor or someone from his hospital be available? When will you be able to return to work?

I mention the pre-surgery exercise because I had a hospital roommate who a hip replaced. She was medically stable but could not go home, only because she was unable to transfer out of bed on her own. If you are going to need crutches, I highly recommend going to a physical therapy appointment for a fitting and lesson. I see so many people on crutches with towels duct-taped to them. Crutches should not be anywhere near your armpits, and a proper fitting and lesson are much easier when you are mobile.

I also highly recommend a gradual return to work, if that is an option for you. Even in a sedentary position, after all of my surgeries (three hip scopes and a lumber fusion), I have found that I really needed about four weeks off work, then easing back into work on a reduced schedule.

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