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Rockie1226 04-16-2018 07:17 PM

Recommendations needed
I had LASIK surgery about 7 years ago. I started having problems with distance and needing to wear cheaters for my iPad and phone. I was at an in between situation wearing prescriptions for driving and removing them to view my gps. You can imagine the frustration. I contacted the surgeon who did my original lasik and she said that I was a candidate for an enhancement. She asked how I was with readers and I said I use them to read medicine bottles and my iPad but that was it. She did The surgery and now I cannot see anything within arms length.

I canít see to go shopping I canít see to do my computer work Monday through Friday between 730 and four, I cannot see my phone I cannot see my iPad nothing without what Iím assuming will be another prescription. I have read on here several other comments regarding the same issue. I have a couple of questions for this.

1) is it correctable? 2) why are these doctors getting away with charging the astronomical price that they do only to make the vision worse leaving us with prescriptions anyway. Has anyone ever sued to recoup the money? I just received a call from a prominent attorney who wants me to get copies of all the paperwork I signed and give him a call back.

Evidently this is becoming More and more of a problem is gaining and more attention. The surgeons are not forthcoming with what the outcome will be. For somebody who works at a computer all day five days a week it is now a huge inconvenience and causing dizziness and headaches.

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