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jkm3253 04-04-2006 05:25 PM

Bummed out,,needing an enhancement
I don't know if I am going to get one or not. The first time around wasn't pleasant. I saw my dr today and I am 20/80,,,,,no wonder I don't feel safe to drive at night! The thought of having them put another miniature oil filter wrench in my eye grosses me right out.

Hating glasses 04-05-2006 08:22 AM

Re: Bummed out,,needing an enhancement
I am so sorry to hear that you need an enhancement but, I hope that I can give you some encouraging words. If you go down a few posts, there were 2 different people who had enhancements and posted about them on the same day...Monday or maybe Friday. They both had a good experience and are pleased with the outcome. I think that one or both of them might have had a bad experience the first time around so, I hope that it will be encouraging to you if you go read about their experiences with the enhancement. If you click on their names, I think you can read every post they have ever done.

Try to think positively! I am so sorry you are upset and I will be keeping you in my thoughts!
Take care and keep in touch!

kdrkdrkdr 04-05-2006 11:10 AM

Re: Bummed out,,needing an enhancement
JKM323 - when did you have your lasik? How long did your doc wait until he told you your eyes were not going to improve?

I'm bummed too as I'm afraid I might need an enhancement also. I had lasik 3/24 and my eyes haven't really improved since my 24 hour check up. I'm told my eyes are probably still swollen but I have been using my tears every 30 mins and I also used my antiobiotic 4x a day the first week - I'm still using the steriod 4x a day. Still I see no improvement. I've even started eating carrots - which I absolutely hate. I feel like I wasted my money - I mean if I have to wear glasses, they might as well be coke bottle thick! My appt isn't until April 15, I guess I will have to wait until then to find out just how bad I'm seeing. My headaches are slowly getting better. I'm not sure if I'm just used to not being able to see and I'm not straining as much or if I'm just used to my head always hurting.

jkm3253 04-05-2006 04:02 PM

Re: Bummed out,,needing an enhancement
I had mine on Feb 16 and today I have a pain in my right eye that is causing me anxiety. I have lost 7 lbs since I had this done.

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