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  • Set your expectations "real" before lasik

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    Old 07-18-2010, 01:48 PM   #1
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    Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    Lets make it clear : Lasik -whether it is intralase, wavefront, or intralase&wavefront- is a serious surgery. Don't believe anyone who will tell you that "you may return to your normal life immediately one day after the operation". It is a big lie.

    If you are thinking about having lasik here are my recommendations:

    1. Take at least one week off if you are working (two weeks is better if you can). Because the first two weeks are very important in the healing process. During this time you should take your prescribed drops religiously , get as much rest as you can, and protect your eyes from anything (do not rub, do not touch, wear protective glasses when you are sleeping, wear good sunglasses outside, do not let anything other than drops get into your eyes).

    2. Be aware of the very common complications : dry eyes, foreign body sensation, light sensitivity, burning and itching, halos&starbursts around light sources. Almost everyone will suffer from at least one of these complications especially during the first two weeks after the surgery. Also know that most of the above complications will resolve during the normal healing time which is at least 3 months. Complete healing time is usually 6 months after the surgery. Lasik definitely is not A NEXT DAY MIRACLE HEALING OPERATION. It is a serious surgery which requires 6 months (may be up to one year) for recovery.

    3 You will usually get close to 20/20 vision one day after the lasik surgery. If you do not have close to 20/20 vision following the operation don't panic. Your vision might fluctuate and usually improves as your eyes heal. Your
    visual acuity will settle in at least 3 months after the surgery. You might or might not have 20/20 vision after the full recovery time. Know that THERE IS NO GUARANTEE.

    4. Although statistically rare, Lasik has some serious complications regarding the corneal flap that is cut out of your eyes (either by a laser or by a blade) before the operation. Therefore if you are eligible you should think about choosing safer alternatives; especially EPI-LASIK and LASEK methods. These methods do not have any flap related complications, are much more safer than Lasik, and produce the same results in the long run if you are eligible (do not have high myopia or hyperopia).

    5. Be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into: Do some research about Epi-Lasik, Lasek, and Lasik methods. Most of the Lasik places you go will try to get you into "intralase lasik". Why? Because it costs more and therefore more profitable for them. If you know the alternatives you can ask your doctor "why not the other method?" and judge their motive from the answer.

    6. Know that "wearing contact lenses for prolonged times" is statistically more harmful to the eyes than the Lasik surgery. Statistically Lasik is a very safe operation (Epi-Lasik and Lasek are much more safer). Don't be afraid to get it if you are eligible. Just set your expectations "real" before the operation.

    PS: I got sucked into Inralase 10 days ago and now have better than 20/20 vision (although dry eyes and halos are still bothering me). I now know that for me Epi-Lasik was the best method because I had low myopia. I did my research AFTER the operation.

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    Re: Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    I totally agree with every point, except number 3.... sometimes it can take up to several months to achieve 20/20 vision.... OR you might get 20/20 vision for an hour or so first thing in the morning, before it goes all blurry in one or both eyes for the rest of the day.... but then it does clear up in a matter of months (possibly sooner if you use artificial tears more often!).

    Other than that, all very good points to keep in mind! Lasik was the best thing I've ever done for myself!!! I had it done 3 1/2 years ago, and still have 20/12.5 vision in both eyes!

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    Old 07-21-2010, 02:39 PM   #3
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    Re: Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    Hi Marisuela;

    Since I am just two weeks after the surgery, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind:

    - My pupils are bloody red all the time and there are some dark, eyelash like figures on the white part. When should I expect my eyes to return to their normal color? (Some says it should get its normal color after one month. I would like to know your experience).

    - After two weeks I usually feel good in the morning till afternoon. Dry eyes are bothering me more in the evenings. I am using lubricating drops once every half hour, and more sticky lubricating gel before I go to bed. When should I expect to feel less dry eyes? (Some says it will never completely go away and this is really bothering me).

    - Lights are killing me. I can't set foot outside without sunglasses if it is sunny. It feels too bright. I am wearing sunglasses even indoors because they help with the dry eyes (without glasses my eyes get dry rapidly). Did you have this problem and if yes, when did it become less troublesome?

    I know two weeks is way too early in the healing process. But I am glad that the worst part is over. For the last two days I was able to feel good to do some jogging and light workouts. I am looking forward to my one-month followup.

    Glad to hear that you had such a great vision after lasik.

    Best regards;

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    Old 07-22-2010, 12:45 AM   #4
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    Re: Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    - i too have blood shot eyes during mornings i think this is due to dryness, they usually disappear after i use eye drops. if they're really prominent you might want to call your doctor.

    - as of now i cant really feel dryness on my eyes, just feels discomfort or roughness inside

    - its now 1 month since my lasik.

    Old 07-23-2010, 08:20 AM   #5
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    marisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB Usermarisuela HB User
    Re: Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    I found that the generic artificial tears worked so much better than the gel stuff. I always felt like my eyes were actually drier after the gel stuff wore off. Once I started using the regular tears constantly, the my eyes cleared up so much faster! And yes, I wore sunglasses in the house for a few weeks to avoid dryness, but that got too bothersome so I quit and upped the tears instead.

    I had dry eyes in the mornings for quite awhile even after my eyes had healed. I probably used drops in the mornings for about a year and a half. And depending on if you have a fan going, and how low you keep the air in your house, that can add to dryness as well.

    I hated going out into sunlight without sunglasses for a long time too.... sorry I can't remember when that stopped, but it does stop eventually! It was at least a year, but that might have just been habitual by then. I don't have to wear them now, but I prefer to wear them just to avoid sun damage!

    As far as bloody colored pupils and spots on the whites of the eyes.... I don't recall either of those symptoms. That doesn't mean I didn't have that, I just don't remember it. I never looked much in a mirror during the first month or so, since the lights in the bathroom were so bright I didn't like to be in there.... sorry I can't help you with that one!

    Hope this helps some! Good luck and let us know about your follow up!

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    Re: Set your expectations "real" before lasik

    Great points ! There are so many negative posts but I'm sure as with any subject, unhappy people are more likely to post online. I had Lasik
    over a year ago and it's the best money I have ever spent.

    If I may add some other things to consider....
    *** get two opinions
    *** I went to an eye hospital rather than the mall but I'm sure there are
    good and bad experiences at both. The FDA regulates the equip but not
    the centers. They found most unhappy patients were NOT good
    candidates in the first place, someone just wanted their $$.
    *** Don't wear your contacts for at least 2 weeks before evaluation to see
    the true shape of your eye.
    *** If you are considering monovision lasik, wear monovision contacts first
    to make sure this is for you.

    Like the others said, you will fluctuate the first 6 months. Even now, over a year out if I take a sleeping pill (over the counter, not too strong), I notice a difference in my morning vision.
    Good Luck to those who choose to do it.

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