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onefatsurfer 06-15-2012 07:55 AM

Halos/Starbursts after Custom Wavefront LASIK
I got custom wavefront lasik on 4/16. I can see very crisp when in good lighting, but at night, I have pretty bad halos and starbursts. They're not debilitating, I can still drive at night and do other things, but my night vision is considerably worse than when I just wore glasses.

The 8mm pupil measurements worry me, since I've been reading online about how those with 7mm or larger pupils often have permanent problems with halos/starbursts. I really hope this will get better. Has anyone here with 8mm pupils had their halos/starbursts get better? How long did it take?

guy448 06-16-2012 06:34 AM

Re: Halos/Starbursts after Custom Wavefront LASIK
I thnk i have7.9mm pupils, my halos and starbursts and lowr sharpness is really bad. Not just at night driving, indoors too, only in brigh sunny day i see sharper and fine. So not even fully custom procedure elimnates these problems, so what is the point of the procedure. If the 3 month healing process passed, it won't get better, it phsically and biologically can't, cause there is nothing to heal, it just laser didn't treat transition zones to you wider area of pupils as god as n centre. As far as I know, all lasers have default effective optical zones of treatment around 6-6.5mm, it can even go below 6mm if prescription is hih so they preserve tissue. I just don't understand what s the pint of transition zone going to 9mm, that means even people with biger than average pupils are candidates. But obviously that transition zone is not working properly on everyone, really weird, it is questionineg and weird form our not surgeons view, i dunno how do they look at that. Loss of visualy acuity is conisdered good result in this procedure, are they freakin normal?

Some people say it got better, well not better, theri brain adjusted to it, i think mine wudl too if it was minor, like reall ysmall halso arund lght and that would be it, i could forgive myself that trade off for really minor halos at night. But not for this. So too many peopel it doesnt go away never, they just get used to it, but some dn't especially if it mpacts youra bilities to drive, and you feel you ain't seeing with ease and clear lilke before.

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