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Jays eyes 09-19-2012 03:40 AM

Success so far with LASIK
I am reposting this as I posted in the wrong section, general health

LASIK success nearly 5 months out
Hello. I wanted to post my story here. It bothers me that there are limited posts about success. I was blessed for the most part with a successful recovery. Infact I was able to drive the day after my LASIK. I had it done in May. My research consisted of friends I knew that had it, my eye doctor, and I looked into the office I had it done at learning that they have performed many surgeries, one of the best know eye centers in the area, and that my doctor has been practicing eye care since the 1980's. My eyes at this point feel great. I DO get dry eyes occasionally especially at work as I work outside on midnight shifts. I have experienced eye pain at times, and have had it checked. I know of a few people that are 3+ years after LASIK with no issues. I also know of some horror stories and one detachment. But they have recovered well.

I guess I wanted to share this because for whatever reason I started looking up LASIK after I had it done. What a bad idea that was! It Even stressed me out at times. I've read so much bad/ negative information on the net regarding LASIK. I need to stop reading it. I've had the procedure done and can't take it back, and must face any issues as they arise. I guess people don't post many successful stories cuz there's nothing wrong to talk about.

guy448 09-19-2012 06:52 AM

Re: Success so far with LASIK
Not many people are on internet and forums, especially lasik specified forums. Some people may have some loss of contrast or issues, but to them that is fine, because they do not know they see poorer than before. Trust me i talked to those kind of people, so ofc for them its okay, they are satisfied no need to research or post that anywhere. And why should some people post anywhere their lasik? As far as I know, huge amount of people don't even know how and what does this procedure exactly do, they go and do it, just because of marketing and because they knew somebody else who did it. They have no idea what laser was doing, so talking about potential ectasia to them would mean nothing if they do not care or do now know about procedure. Heh you say so simple some horror stories and detachment :) but recovered well, who would want a detachment? Many people go into this now knowing what problems may arise, some peopel may go to such depressions, yet some go with it, oh detachment, ok done, recovered moving on. You say you've read so much negative, don't you mean realistic info on net, from people who actually are damaged and who actually are not satisfied with havled vision? Peopel post sucess stories too, but wait, how do you know how many people are out there who don't post about negative stories? I don't understand why you read about lasik and everything now if you see fine and you say its ok? why would you be stressed?

And yes, it's different reading real stories, real problems, and real interviews with peopel and docs about lasik, its easy to read all is pretty and perfect, just like commercials go. Don't we all agree that for such dangerous and life ipacting procedure, that lasik industry makes it like nothing? Commercials, docs talkin like its nothing? Do you think many people would do this if they were really really well educated before and shown what problems may arise? Issue here is, this real surgical procedure is advertised like, bring your friend and you get a discount type of thing. I can't wrap my mind what doctor after that hyp oath would go practicing that kind of marketed procedure, greedy one, money makes them immune to potential lives destroyed.

As I said, marketing is agressive, misleading, coloring everything like no people get screwed up after this procedure, making like only 20/20 is important, and quality of vision in lasik is put aside. So its ok to falsely and perfectly market such procedure, but no guilt on them, if you're bad after the procedure, than its all patients fault? So patient needs to deal with that enormous guilt and also has bad eyesight? And what if patient is sensitive one, or already has some disorders and depressions?

Jays eyes 09-19-2012 03:01 PM

Re: Success so far with LASIK
Ahhh. I was ready for a post from you. Ive read your posts and to no surprise they were all negative. You should not be allowed on this forum, for it's people like you that scare away people that want go post. You are not helping anyone, especially those who have already had it. They are looking for support, not the constant negative information. "you shouldnt have done it" is not helpful to people who have had it.. And no, the internet is not 100% accurate and is full of negative and false information. Perhaps you had a bad LASIK experience? Or can not afford LASIK and decided to take your frustrations out on the Internet as most people do? Whatever the reason I suggest you stop posting and let people post and not find every little thing to turn into a negative like you did mine. I stopped reading your post half way down as I saw how rediculous it was getting.

Separation. I never said anyone would want that, but the theme of that story, as well as that post, was success! Everything has side effects, heck walking across the street has side effects- you could get killed in a freak accident.

Anyone's. I hope real people get to see this post and understand where I am going with it.

Coffeybean 10-08-2012 09:46 AM

Re: Success so far with LASIK
Hi Jay!

I posted back in March about my Lasik experience as well. I, too, had a great experience and I never ever think about the procedure now. The only reason I'm posting right now is that I received an email alerting me that someone had posted on my original entry.

I agree 100% of what you said. I did all my research, had the procedure done, and decided to post my experience. In the process, I read all the negative outcomes and stories from everyone on the forum and it stressed me out as well. My husband was actually laughing at me (in fun of course), because I had such a great outcome and he was like, "Why are you doing this to yourself? Your surgery could not have gone any better!" and he's right. It's easy to get so wrapped up in the negativity.

All I have to add is that I agree that it is an elective procedure and that some people, unfortunately, have bad outcomes. But how CRAZY is it that we have the technology to do this? It's incredible.

And yes, there are possible complications. There IS a lot of marketing and advertising in this industry, but really, all the potential complications are in the paperwork that you one signs. Personally, I was very informed of all the side effects and complications, and I'm thankful for that. At the end of the day, I guess it all comes down to the clinic. I went to a respected Ophthalmology center that specializes in all types of eye surgery.

I guess there aren't more negative reviews because those with positive results never think about the fact that they even had the procedure done.

Just my two cents.

otte 10-08-2012 05:09 PM

Re: Success so far with LASIK
Sorry but I am with Guy448 as I also have 2 enhancements done and my eyes are still screwed up. You re correct as there are few success stories posted as usually only the people that have problems do post to get the word out that this is not a 100% success operation. I am not as bad a Guy448 but do have low light problems. DO NOT try to sway people to have the operation because you have had decent results. There are others that do not.

Coffeybean 10-09-2012 07:54 AM

Re: Success so far with LASIK
When did I ever try to "sway" someone in to getting the surgery? I re-read what I wrote and no where did I say anyone should get LASIK. However, as Jay's Eyes pointed out, others are very upfront about what NOT do to. So please, next time you post, please respect that some people do have nice results. I, very literally, only explained my outcome, so please stop putting words in my mouth. K, take care.

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