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  • Internet Horror Stories and the First 3 Days after surgery (my own experience)

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    Internet Horror Stories and the First 3 Days after surgery (my own experience)

    I have wanted LASIK since I learned about it about 10 or more years ago. Same as most, I've been sick of glasses and contacts for years. I went to one of if not the best lasik place in town, got all the tests done to see if I was a candidate and chose a date for surgery.

    Then the week of surgery, I was terrified of the surgery itself. I kept thinking things like "something is going to hold my eyes open?" "Something is going to physically cut my eye?" and "Im going to see all of this? including the flap being folded over?" I was terrified, so I took to the internet to hopefully get more educated on the surgery itself and whether I should be nervous, or as anxious as I was.

    What I found made me even more anxious and almost made me back out entirely. Board after board, post after post, it seemed like absolutely everyone doing a review of their surgery were complaining of severe and debilitating dry eye, night vision issues, uncorrectable vision clarity problems, etc. One after another of these, staying up until 2 AM on my phone reading about these horror stories and I was about to throw in the towel.

    Then I posted on ******** asking if any friends had done it. To my surprise, a lot of my friends have had the surgery and none had anything bad to say about it. Then I asked others I ran into and they only had great things to say. This was enough to tip the scale back, and I had the surgery done.

    Granted, it has only been 3 days since surgery, but for those thinking about the surgery I think I can give some initial insight into what to expect.

    First, the surgery itself was beyond easy. I have anxiety issues normally anyway, and all the anxiety leading up to the surgery was ridiculous in hind sight. The anti anxiety pill (Ativan) did absolutely nothing for anxiety. I even tried it days before the surgery to see what effect, if any, it would have on an unusually anxiety ridden day with no effect. Thankfully, I didnt need it. The numbing drops were enough, and they made sure to put in more than probably necessary.

    As for what I could see during surgery, it looked like something circular on the end of a tool was put around my eye, but it was so close to my eye I couldnt really make it out. This was what held my eye open. Then another similar object went over my eye, and the doctor asked me to let him know when my vision went grey or fuzzy. After a few seconds my vision was almost black, I told him it was, and I heard the cutting tool. I couldnt actually see anything, and it was over so fast that this wasnt even an issue. Then he moved the flap, which wasnt scary because i coudnt feel or see much. Stared at a red light while it did the laser thing, and then the flap was placed again. Really was easy and stress free. After he quickly looked through their magnifying machine with the light they can pivot (no idea what this is called) and found a peice of lint on one eye, and removed some mucus from the other.

    As for my eye sight, right after surgery the doc said I would be seeing about 30% clarity for the day, and about 80% the next day, then better and better as the days progressed, with sometimes large fluctuations due to the steroid drops and healing process. He said there was going to be some fluid that he would have left behind the flap during the procedure, and that as this dissipates your vision gets closer to what it will actually be. This definitely made sense right after the procedure, as I could see way better than before, but everything was kind of hazey and out of focus.

    I went home, and laid down for about an hour before the stinging, or burning, pain woke me up. It was like getting dirt in your eye. It stung and my eyes wouldnt stop pouring out tears. I used the numbing drops at this point, and within about 20 minutes I was asleep again, this time for about 3 hours. When I woke up the pain was gone. I kept using the numbing drops lightly just to be safe, but really I didnt think I needed them anymore. I could watch tv (it helps that its a 70 inch) and didnt have much issue the rest of the day.

    When I woke up the next day my vision was MUCH better, but still lacked clarity. I drove to the docs office (really cool....) and was able to read all the way down to the 20/20 lines of the test letters, though everything, again, lacked clarity, I could still make the letters out. He said again this is due to the initial healing, and will take a while to equalize, and realistically will fluctuate for the next 3 weeks or so greatly at times. He even said the next morning I may see brilliantly for a time, and then it will seem to regress, and as long as the steroids were working this would be the case.

    That leads me to today. At no point have I felt like I "NEEDED" the lubrication drops, but from what the doc told me, they are very important since the other drops are very harsh to the surface of your eye, and at the very least, the sterile saline would help to balance the PH in my eye, and stop any burning or stinging from the drops, as well as help with healing etc.

    Today, day 3, I accidentally rubbed my eye pretty hard, and it made me nervous that something was ruined by this. The same eye is the one with less clarity already, and I also had some burning after putting in eye drops into this eye, so I called my doc to ask some questions. He assured me that the burning near my tear duct might just be due to the amount of antibiotic and steroid drops being used and flowing through this duct. I started using the lubrication drops first, and it seemed to help with the stinging.

    As for whether something moved in my eye. The doc assured me that after the first 24 hours, it would take some aggressive rubbing to break it loose, and even then, I would definitely KNOW it happened, because the pain would not be very tolerable. Thank god I didnt break it loose...

    Vision clarity is still missing. My "good" eye after surgery was crystal clear for about half the day, and then got a little blurry again. The other eye has gotten close, then went the other way as well. The doc assures me this is normal and will continue to clear up over time.

    At this point, I cant really speak for long term Dry Eye, since Im putting so much in my eye right now it would be hard to know if I will suffer this in the future. At the moment, it does feel like I would "feel" fine if I didnt put anything in my eye for the day, but again, I have no way to know this since Im not "allowed" to stop yet.

    Halos and night vision isnt great, but nothing is stable yet, so again, I cant really speak on this long term.

    With those two things said, Im so far glad I did the surgery, and am very happy with the surgery itself. If I had to go back for a touch up, it wouldnt bother me. If my vision stayed the way it is now, I could get used to it, since it looks about how it did when I used to wear contacts that didnt fix my astigmatism. Dry eye could suck, but we will see.

    Overall though, it seems like the only people going online to talk about their experience is the people that had negative experiences. I figured I might as well post something thats not necessarily great, but at the very least, a realistic look at the first couple days, and the week leading up to.

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