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edenbee 02-27-2015 09:09 PM

Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
So I had Lasik almost two weeks ago. Monday will make it exactly two weeks since surgery. It went okay but my left eye was a bit more painful than the right when I got it done. I went in the next day for my check up and he said my corneas are swollen and to double the anti-inflammatory drops. So i did. Took those with the antobiotic drops and the fake tears. I go back last monday, one week later and they are STILl swollen. I am healing up fine. The flaps and the correcton are great. But the suction of the moisture they do traumatized my corneas and they are not regenerating cells that they should be. I was told to take the horribly painful Moru 128 drops and keep taking the anti-inflammatory twice a day with the salt drops. Those I take four times a day. Very painful and leaves marks all over my face. So my life is completely based around taking eye drops now. But as long as they heal thats okay. I don't know if my cornea were too think for this and they went ahead and did it anyway for the money. I never had dry eyes before now. Wore contacts for almost 20 years with no issues. However when i was 16 i had an ulcerated cornea and it left a small scar. But the scar is not by the flaps and should not effect anything. Both eyes are equally blurry. The left is not worse than the right. I have corneal edema from the trauma of the surgery and I am now on day 6 of the new drops and no improvement. In fact, they are worse. More blurry. My next appt is not until March 16th and i am terrified I have permanently messed up vision and corneas now. I am going to a regular eye doctor to get another opinion. I know my Lasik surgeon diagnosed me correctly. He could clearly see where my cornea was missing what should have come back by now...and Muro 128 relieves swelling of the cornea. But this waiting every day for any improvement is killing me. Anyone else have this issue? It seems like it's hard to find anyone else with this problem.

wrcftw 03-05-2015 01:26 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
I took the Muro 128 drops for 3 weeks and they really weren't that bad. Stung a little bit, but if it hurts THAT much, perhaps there is something else going on..

edenbee 03-06-2015 12:53 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
They kill my eyes taking them though when the stinging wears off the swelling is down and I can see well...for about 20 minutes which is when they start to blur up again and are swollen again.
Actually, no one else has EVER had this problem that I know of. Or that my Lasik surgeon knows of..or my ophthalmologist...or anyone SHE knows. Lucky me..I am basically the only person in the world this has ever happened to.
Still swollen and it's been almost 3 weeks now since surgery..upped the steroid anti-inflammatory to about 8X a day in hopes of more aggressively treating this with more drops before we start thinking about eye irrigation surgery for this issue that Lasik caused.
No one has any idea why is this happening. It shouldn't be. This trauma usually lasts about 24 hours after Lasik if that.
What a mistake. I would give anything to have my contact lenses back. My life revolves around taking drops almost every hour and hoping for results that are not happening yet.
Thanks for your reply though...

whiskeythekid 03-07-2015 05:22 AM

Maybe you are allergic to the drops

edenbee 03-07-2015 03:53 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Not sure. He did tell me they were going to hurt when I used them when he put me on them. Maybe my swelling makes them sting more. At any rate I stop taking them tomorrow and they haven't helped at all. Nothing regenerates the cells that have gone away except an eye irrigation surgery on both eyes soon.
I would give anything to just have my old contacts back and be putting them in and seeing well every day then taking them out at night like I have been doing for almost two decades.
Never thought I would be missing those things but I am. Right eye was so blurry last night I had a panic attack. I am swollen between the flap and the stroma and monday makes it three weeks. Another few weeks with no improvement and it will be time to start thinking about surgery to fix this issue that Lasik caused me.
I think from now on I will just be the "If it aint broken don't try to fix it" type of person. $4,200 dollars to ruin my eyes.
Thanks for replying though all.

whiskeythekid 03-07-2015 06:14 PM

What is eye irrigation surgery?

edenbee 03-09-2015 09:12 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
It's a surgery usually used on the elderly when they get cataracts removed and their eyes stay permanently dry from the trauma. This is what's happening to me but from the Lasik.
They have to cut the flaps once again and irrigate my eyes. Then that has to heal and then they are supposed to be back to normal. Of course I have no idea what the risks or side effects of that surgery are but it looks like i have no choice.
Three weeks now and I am still swollen, blurry and it actually seems worse.
The Muro drops still kill me but today is my last day of them so that's done.
Still taking the steroid drops 8 times a day but no improvement whatsoever.
The moisture that is in my eyes normally is just gone and it's not coming back. No one knows why. I had healthy eyes and now I don't from getting Lasik.
The more I ask people about this the more horror stories I hear about lasik. Esp with the flaps never healing. Airbag hits your face if you are in a car accident and it can dislodge both flaps easily. However if i had the other type of surgery who knows how my eyes would have reacted to that...took my friend a good 3 months to heal up and see well. They definitely are being overly optimist with the whole "you can even go back to work the next day!" thing. No one I know could do that. Several months for the other type of surgery to fully heal and almost a month from basic Lasik. Going back to work the next day would be insane.
Maybe on the 16th I will get positive news about the trauma swelling going down but I doubt it as I have stopped working now due to my right eye being so blurry. What a huge huge mistake this was.

HenrietT 03-10-2015 02:32 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Hi Edenbee
I hope you perhaps feel the benefit of stopping your drops today. I keep my fingers crossed for you that it will help.

whiskeythekid 03-10-2015 07:49 PM

Its certainly scary to have blurry vision
I am two years out and still struggle with a few things that I did not have before surgery, BUT the first 6 - 12 months were the worst and many bad things that happened then have improved. Examples: blurry vision was horrible the first 4-6 months but gradually each eye improved, i still struggle with fine details due to an astigmatism that lasik gave me and dryness still lingers; dryness was so bad at times the first year that I had to wear construction goggles on the computer to prevent my eyes from drying out but this improved (not to pre-lasik levels as I am still dealing with dryness), overcorrection was +.75 which improved to 0 in one eye and +.25 in the other by 12 months, i have starbursts in low light and at night but its better than it was the first 9-12 months. So you can improve alot between now and 12 months from now.

edenbee 03-11-2015 01:35 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Thanks all. I get the swelling checked on monday and they will see if the cells that were traumatized are regenerating at all and if not then we go on to the next step which is more surgery I think. At this point i just want my eyes to be clear again. Walking around with two swollen, infected eyes is bad. I cant work now and I play music for a living on the side...hard to do that now too. Also hard to be in school and see the board so I'm struggling with every aspect of my life.
My situation is an odd one...I cant really give it time to heal...or wait 6 months and hope it gradually improves...they know exactly whats wrong so it's a yes or no thing. If the cells don't grow back naturally I need to get more surgery. If they are coming back I leave it and wait. If they are not there there won't be a gradual improvement...there cant be. I need those cells to see. Thats why I'm blurry...the correction is perfect. 20/20 if not better...the flaps are healed up.
It's a swelling between the flaps and the stroma. Eyes are not recovering from the suction they do doing surgery. Very very strange...I don't even have dry eye. Everything healed fine and my eyes are healthy but for this rare reaction.
I will post after my appt monday and update...
Thats a lot of issues you had after your A year to get better? Thats so crazy...Lasik caused all of that? Thats a very long time to have blurred vision...i know sometimes a few months past and then some have the correct vision...for others its two weeks...but over a year...I hope you can see well now.

edenbee 04-15-2015 01:14 AM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Well, tow months in now and I have seen a corneal specialist and my lasik surgeon several times. They both say they have no idea why the surgery traumatized my eyes so much. No one has heard of this. Right eye is horrible and cant see in dim light. Left is better than right but not good at night. I dilate my eyes to go out at night so i can see a bit better but last few days i need to dilate them inside if its dim. They all say though they have never seen this before from lasik it will correct itself and to wait it out. Drops seem to do nothing. Eye feel more dry in fact. If a put a shirt on and it grazes my closed eyelids it hurts. I don't know if they are now worse but i see my lasik surgeon again next week and the specialist again the week after. He did not seem thrilled I went to talk to a specialist about his work on me but he also has lousy bedside manner and seems at a loss about what to do. Just keep repeating the correction is perfect and the flaps are fine. I am healed up but cant see due to the still swollen corneas.
I would like to believe it will heal within 3-6 months and it's been two but i see no improvement. None. They hurt, they are dry and I cant see at night.
Everyone is suggesting I sue but I don't think there is anything to really sue over...not sure he did anything wrong. And two months is not a super long time.
On the other hand I fell going into the subway today from the change of light...i am fine when its bright out...and the shift to lower lighting in the subway and the sudden blur of my right eye made me miss a step.
So I will start to think about about what to do and to find out if i should have seen at all. I work in dim settings and I play music too and I am in school. Not doing well at any of these things since surgery in Feb. I paid almost $5,000 and had my two healthy eyes ruined. Might be time to think about my options since I cant work right now and don't know when I will be able to again.

ajp9039 10-11-2015 01:51 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
It's doubtful you still check this site, but do you have an update?

edenbee 10-11-2015 02:04 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Yes it turned out I was not a good candidate for LASIK. At least the kind that was done on me.
Right now I am in the process of suing the clinic that did this to me as no risks were explained to me and they said it was fine to have my contacts in about 30 hours before LASIK which is not true.
As for my eyes they have stabilized and though my left one is a little better my right one is worse and no drops help now. It's blurry during the day and at night. I am going to Toronto to get surgery for my irregular corneas which is my issue now from the LASIK and hopeful they can even them out with Topography Guided LASIK which is not available in the states yet.

omonira 10-12-2015 01:06 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Hi Edenbee,
Have you ever heard about scleral lenses? They can be more healthy for your eyes than having another risky lasik surgery. I wish you the best.

edenbee 10-12-2015 01:15 PM

Re: Corneas swollen two weeks after Lasik surgery.
Yeah I've heard of everything at this point. In leaning towards the surgery as the point was to not wear lenses anymore as I had many issues with them. LASIK doesn't have to be risky when someone who kneels what they're doing is working on you.
Thank you!

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