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pleezhelpme 05-09-2007 10:20 PM

slow student
I teach a very slow student in math. She has a lot of gaps in math-she does not have proper addition, subtraction...skills. She is a very poor reader and extremely weak when it come to word problems. She cannot read graphs properly either. She tries very hard, but gets very frustrated in middle of class sometimes because she cant grasp the material quick enough. I think she has a learning disability, she foresure has a problem, i just dont know what to do. Her parents dont care and I would hate to see her fail next year becasue she cant get the help she needs. Im also just wondering if anyone would know what type of learning problem she has


etsin99 05-11-2007 07:33 AM

Re: slow student

You say her parents do not care? I assume you mean they will not have her tested for LD's? As a mother of a son with a LD, I can not understand why a parent would not want help. But I guess that is besides the point if they are not willing (if that makes sense).

I am going to ask an obvious question, have you spoken to the special ed services teachers? Maybe they have some suggestions for you.


etsin99 05-11-2007 08:29 AM

Re: slow student

It just dawned on me, after I posted my other reply, that I should have added .... Please don't take this wrong, I oringally read your post on 5/9 and I got to tell you, I didn't reply because I had a flashback of my sons teachers and I said to my self while rolling my eyes, "WHATEVER!" But OBVIOUSLY today after pondering it, I had a different reaction.

Again as a parent of a LD child, do you think it's possible, it was the way you posed to the parents that there was a problem? I fought with the teachers of my son for years... They wanted me to drug him and one had the audacity to say she thought he was ADD or ADHD and NEEDED to be drugged. She was so rude, I left parent teacher conference in tears and I still to go to my other sons confenece. I am sure they thought I didn't care, because they believed what they believed and I believed what I believed. After a bunch of testing I was right ... they were wrond, and is not ADD/ADHD he is dyslexic. So I guess my question is what did you say to the parents, that makes you think they do not care?

Don't know if any of this helps, but I am trying to help you, help her.

LuvMyLilDoggie 05-14-2007 03:52 PM

Re: slow student
I'll tell you how I was convinced my son had a problem (LD and attention deficit/inattentive disorder along with fine motor skill problems).

First I want to say that I had a very similar experience as Etsin with two of my son's teachers in kindergarten and then again in first grade.

Here is how I was convinced my son had a problem. His teacher called for a conference between her, me, my son, the principal and a special ed teacher. They asked my son how he really felt about school. Did he feel as though he were learning as fast as the others? There was a whole bunch more questions dealing with how he felt. I had no idea that my son was so unhappy and frustrated. And there were a few demonstrations.

My son is my only child. I had nothing really to base what he should know at his age. I had no clue. When the teachers showed me what he was doing and what others were doing and comparing how long it took, I was FLOORED! I thought he was a "normal" child. With what they showed me and what my son said, I could no longer deny there was a problem. Here my son was 6 years old and even he was telling me there was a problem.

Parents tend to sometimes go on the defensive when it comes to their child. So it is important that this situation is handled gingerly.

Good luck and kudos to you for caring!


skyhighifly 05-17-2007 08:30 PM

Re: slow student
I teach deaf students and many have learning disabilities or delayed language as well. They too have deficiencies in areas of math and due to low reading, difficulty with word problems. I was wondering if your student was an English Learning and what grade he/she was in? Is she already receiving special education services (resource...)

Your school/district should have a system set up for referrals. I would encourage you to start this process in order to begin to get the student testing and receiving the appropriate services. I know the end of the year is near, but I would start anyway. The longer you wait...the further behind the student become and the more discouraged and frustrated the student will become. Good Luck!

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