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mm9221 06-05-2007 04:40 PM

Auditory Processing Disorder---frustrated parent looking for information
I am looking for information on APD/CAPD. I have some questions that I hope someone can answer.

Background: My son is six and in kindergarten. He started receiving speech therapy when he was 18 months because he was delayed due to chronic ear infections. We've been through the tubes---second set is the more permanent type, but due to come out next year.

He went into a special preschool with an IEP (ages 3-5) which he had until February (age 6 in kindergarten) of this year. I didn't know at the time, but he was having problems in the area of phoneme segmentation and something else in this area...can't find the paper I wanted. His Dibels testing has gotten better this year and he's where he's supposed to be now, BUT that is because they have taken the test quite often and have practiced many times.

He was shown as average/low average in most areas and below average in a couple of areas on the 3-yr re-evaluation. Sped team told me he was fine and testing normally now, so I agreed to his discharge. However, he was to continue ST for the balance of the year as he had already been receiving services. He went into a 504 Plan and started receiving OT services since sensory has always been an issue for him. ST is to end when school ends in a couple of weeks although I feel he still needs it.

He has always been a busy child...ALWAYS!!! I have wondered aloud if he is ADHD. His older brother is ADD, but unmedicated. Another thing is his voice. He is SO loud. His teacher has told me many times this year that his voice modulates the entire classroom...he'll be loud and the other kids get louder so they can hear each other, etc. He fidgets and has a horrible time standing still. When he goes to his gymnastics class, he jumps around and doesn't seem to listen at all even though he's getting that deep proprioception.

I've noticed problems when he reads. He knows his sight words. I'm pleased to see how well he is doing in this area. However, he has trouble with longer words and will really stumble over sounding them out. Sometimes he won't even sound them out.

I've been reading about CAPD and think it might apply to him, so here are my questions if you;ve read this far:

1. His math abilities are a strength, is that possible in CAPD? I haven't found anything except that it tends to be a weakness.

2. Can there be inconsistencies in reading ability----sometimes one seems to do well and other times not? He seems to have trouble processing words in reading.

3. Could his yelling and talking so loudly be because he can't focus and needs to hear himself think? So...everyone else gets louder which makes it worse?

4. He seems to do better when he is one-on-one or in small groups. Is this normal?

5. Is ST one of the modalities used to help a child with CAPD? I have been arguing that the ST could be offered under the 504, but they seem reluctant to want to offer it. I just had a meeting this week with his case mgr and she has talked about CAPD with our SAU sped person, but the sped person cannot do much without a diagnosis.

6. Has anyone had their child tested at the Child Development Center at Boston Children's Hospital? How much was it? Did anyone have insurance that would cover it and how did they classify it?

My son has a pretty good speaking vocabulary and can even spell some sight words out loud if I ask him, but he does meet so many of the criteria. He is quite personable. I have learned that I don't want to take to him shopping with me or with his siblings. He gets so loud that it's embarassing. He also runs around and doesn't seem to hear me well. I know, it could be the location, but the store isn't the only place it happens. I don't care, but other people do and I respect that.

If anyone has any ideas or can even answer a couple of the questions, I would appreciate it greatly. I can't get him in to see his neurologist down in Boston until October and who knows what I'll do about the evaluation.

Thank you so much!!!!

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