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Theophania79 05-26-2009 07:43 AM

Is this a learning disability? Not sure...
Hey everyone,

My friend Melissa (25, about to graduate with a BS in graphic design next week) has a very odd speech pattern and always has the strangest typos in her prose. For example, her most recent ** status update:

"Melissa *** was a pillow flipper last night . . . . just couldn't slept, however, amaze that she's bright eye still morning. Ok . . back to school work in class. Peace out,"

Can anyone tell me what this may be?

kevpark 07-22-2009 08:02 PM

Re: Is this a learning disability? Not sure...
could be dyslexia, but could be a whole host of other things. best to speak with a professional.

what u should do as a friend, though, is give her the support she needs (although im sure u do already, which is why u posted at this board) and let her know that she is smart as dyslexia is not a sign of lacking intelligence at all. in fact, there are many geniuses with dyslexia, and many successful famous people (whoopi goldberg, for one.)

U sound like a great friend and its really nice to meet sweet people like u who r concerned about their friends as you are. :)

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