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marcine26 11-04-2009 06:51 AM

not sure what to do
Hi All,

My 8 y/o daughter has always struggled with homework, not remembering what to, messy writing, cant seem to think on her, always needs me standing over her doing it step by step, and it always ends with me angry and her in tears. Since kindergarten I have been contacting the teachers expressing my concerns and they have responded with, she is a great girl, smart, polite, funny, very sweet girl. I know that, but academically is my concern. She is now in 3rd grade and I think its a shock she can no longer sail through class with her behavior. She has been receiving 40-0's on tests, she does sometimes get 70-80 but they have teachers notes saying, with help from me on most of these.
I notice its mainly with math, she just doesnt get it. Word problems, forget about it. Carrying and borrowing with addition and subtraction. she cannot do problems that look like this:


she has to have it written out like:

- 98

if these were both on a test she MAY get the 2nd right, but the first one would either be left blank or completely wrong.

Now they are learning about time and calendars and that is just horrible.

Her writing is disgusting, if I can read it, its huge writing followed by tiny writing, upper case mixed with lower, different sizes.

I spoke with the teacher she thinks its a self confedence issue and not academic. She modfies her homework so its not so overwhelming, lets her use a white board, number line, flashcards etc.

I cant tell if its me being so frustrated with her cause its seems so easy or is this truely a LD?

HOw can I tell if she is being lazy and non willing?

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