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OCD in kids

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Bet25samson HB User
OCD in kids

Hello, I've been going thru this a long time with my daughter. She has OCD and ADHD. She is now age 10. In second grade she was sporadically leaving problems blank on work at school. I thought she didn't care about her grades. That couldn't of been further from the truth. She appeared lazy. I was having behavior problems with her. She was impulsive, hyperactive, defiant (wouldn't listen), interrupted people, talked nonstop, argued all the time. In 3rd grade her behaviors were gradually becoming worse over time. Teachers thought she didn't put forth enough effort, she started leaving 30 problems blank at a time. She almost fell 3rd grade. About that time we took her to be tested for ADHD. She came back having that. Took her to a pediatrician to start stimulant meds. The first one was vyvanse. It was horrible i believe it flared up her OCD really bad now. Didn't know then that's what it was. OCD is an anxiety disorder but a mental illness. She was seeing things, hearing things. She was obsessively picking at her arms to the point she had sores down both arms. Oh and just so you guys know the behavior rating scales were way different between ours and the school. They try to act different at school. Next med was concerta, she's still doing her compulsions (cleaning her fingernails, and picking at her skin really bad, she would come home from school with lead under her nails. She wasn't sleeping, she got to the point where is was sleep walking quite frequently. We would have bed time struggles with her every night. We feel like concerta helped with her ADHD symptoms, she wasn't leaving as many problems blank, seemed to be focusing a little better some days. She got to the point we would have to tell over and over and over to do something. She couldn't function. I would ask her to put up her socks one would make it in the drawer the other one would still be laying on the futon. One day she put one shoe on and a boot on the other foot and didn't even notice. The ADHD covered up the OCD. We couldn't see the OCD til we started treated her ADHD symptoms. At times we would have to drag her out of the house to leave, she would have panick attacks (complaining about her stomach hurting and feeling like she is going to have a heart attack at times. Still doing her compulsions, she got to where is has a huge bug phobia progressed over time, she quit wanting to go to children's church. At school she would stay to herself at recess daily and wouldn't play. With her bed time tantrums she would tug on my arm (clinginess is a sign of anxiety) when we would make her go to bed with her hitting, kicking, biting, she hits her head (another sign of mental illness in kids), threaten to hurt herself if i went to work and over other things. One time when i went to work she went crazy like hitting windows trying to cut herself. Going down the road in vehicle she would be cleaning her nails with toys whatever she had. Finally we took her to see a pediatric neurologist for the sleep walking. He seen it right away by stories, asked how long I've been working nights. Told him 4 years but this was new, he said she quits her fits after i leave he said that was anxiety. She gets fixated on things ex: (wearing a skirt he said that was anxiety worrying about wearing a skirt she would just keep begging and begging and wouldn't let us sleep in about that she couldn't stop. She got to the point she didn't want to go outside anymore. We then took her to a psychiatrist he had her up to 400mg of seroquel and she still wasn't falling asleep on her own (another hint of having OCD he wouldn't treat it til her psych eval came back. At this point she is on 72mg concerta, kapvay for sleep, 400 mg seroquel, and he started her on celexa. When she started being treated for it she went outside more and started socializing more. Celexa ( nothing bothered her to the extent that it it used to but she always looked high she was constantly picking at her skin and sticking out her tongue, next was anafranil i kinda think maybe it helped more in the beginning then she started going for knifes always threatening to hurt herself not listening ( anxious constant moving around can look like hyperactivity. It could look like manipulation trying to get her way but she wasn't happy when she wouldn't listen and do her homework just laying in bed with a blanket over her body crying and other things. As my husband would always say (if it is true manipulation why does she stop with the tantrum. She also doesn't like storms, she would come home from school with one disposable latex glove on one hand and wear it all night. She worries alot. They have bad thoughts they act out their thoughts to get them to leave. They do their repetitive behaviors. They don't do well with change in routine. She's very dependent. Now she is on Luvox. She is finally sleeping better. On anafranil she would twitch a lot in her sleep. School has been a nightmare. Stress makes OCD worse. Therefore too much homework may not be a good thing. 4th grade she would always come home from school with bandaids on a finger from picking at nail beds to the point they would bleed. School has had her psych eval nov will be a year and just recently cut her workload and made other modifications. Theres a program called MPACT for parents that need assistance bc school is falling behind. Anyways she's not as aggressive on Luvox she has only been on it for 1 and a half months. I hope this helps someone.

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Re: OCD in kids


seeing and hearing things is considered psychotic and is not part of ocd. she could have something like schizophrenia and it sounds like the doctors know this since she is on a lot of seroquel. sorry if im preachin to the choir but it had appeared to me that you thought hallucinations were part of ocd. take care!

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Re: OCD in kids

Originally Posted by GenericPhrase View Post

seeing and hearing things is considered psychotic and is not part of ocd. she could have something like schizophrenia and it sounds like the doctors know this since she is on a lot of seroquel. sorry if im preachin to the choir but it had appeared to me that you thought hallucinations were part of ocd. take care!
Morning, if you would look up NAC on google and read the schizophrenia, mental, and much more that this amino acid has stopped. There are many sites so just keep reading. I copied some on depression and gave to my dr and am on nac now and really see a change. May take weeks or months not sure but can't hurt them its natural in the body and some times people can stop producing at an early age. God loves you, prayers sent.

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