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jodieh823 04-02-2007 03:47 PM

Low WBC w/ metamyelocytes, what could this be?
I have seen a hematologist twice now due to low WBC (the last one was 2.89) my HCT is low and there 2% metamyelocytes noted. When I asked him what they were he explained that they are immature white cells that the bone marrow is trying to make that don't get a chance to mature and we "don't want to many of them". He then ordered a TON of blookwork, including one where the pathologist looks at the blood under a microscope and said "if you don't give me a reason, we won't do a bone marrow biopsy". I go back in two weeks, but am wondering if anyone has had these and what the result was. I read another thread where someone said they were from muscle waste or drug use, I have neither of those, I walk my dog an hour a day and I can't even tolerate one beer. I have felt like crap for a year and have been working with an endocrinologist (hashimoto's), rheumatologist (who sent me to the hematologist) to figure it out. Joint pain, fatique, low grade fever off and on, are what is bothering me the most.

If anyone has any info. I would greatly appreciate it.

Merimac 04-04-2007 01:38 PM

Re: Low WBC w/ metamyelocytes, what could this be?
There are many reasons for a WBC to be low. Most of them do not have to do with cancer or leukemia. The one that comes up most often is HIV, but again that is only if the exposures have been there. The next big causes of poor counts are stress, immune disorders and allergies. Rheumatology sees low WBC counts due to the body trying to deal with inflammation. Hope things turn out to be minor for you.

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