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loneeric 05-27-2009 03:00 PM

bone marrow and aspiration; high WBC low platelets
New to these boards, so please excuse any clumsiness.

7-8 year history of declining RBC count and declining platelets. recently, RBC low normal, platelets below 100K, and - sudden spike in WBC to 20K+.

Bone marrow biopsy/aspiration gives no diagnostic results: no Philadelphia chromosome (indicating CML), no excess blasts.

any ideas?

silverandsand 05-30-2009 08:45 AM

Re: bone marrow and aspiration; high WBC low platelets
You've been getting blood tests for 8 years. If the doctor's haven't worked out what's wrong in that time, I certainly can't. All I can say is that if you do in fact have some form of blood cancer, it's certainly not an acute form, as you would have died inside of 6 months if left untreated. I'm glad they did a bone marrow biopsy, but given that they found nothing suspect, I wouldn't know what avenues they would have remaining to determine a diagnosis. Do you know if they used flow cytometry (FC) with the bone marrow biopsy (BMB)? I understand that FC can be a little more precise in picking up certain cancers than just looking at the BMB under the microscope.

If they didn't already tell you, you probably shouldn't be thinking about doing any high impact sports considering that your platelet counts are lowish. Nothing to be too concerned about, but it can't hurt to be on the safe side.

FYI, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion at another hospital. Had I not gotten one, I'd be dead, as I was originally diagnosed with the wrong type of cancer and was getting inappropriate chemotherapy as a result. After everyone realized the chemo wasn't working, and they told me they were sorry, but there wasn't anything more that could be done, and that I was going to die, I thought to myself, hmmm...maybe I should get a second opinion, and a third, fourth, and fifth (what did I have to lose). And it was that fifth one, that changed everything, as they decided to run there own tests and more thoroughly, and wouldn't you know it, they came back and said I in fact have a different type of cancer (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) and there was no time to lose and that I need to get started straight away on more appropriate chemo combination. I wish I had second guessed those earlier opinions sooner. So if you're not happy with the current course of action your doctor is taking, get a second opinion. Good luck.

loneeric 06-01-2009 07:46 PM

Re: bone marrow and aspiration; high WBC low platelets
thanks for the thoughtful and informative reply.

yes, the bone marrow biopsy and marrow fluid aspiration lab work included

* myeloid disorder immunohistochemical analysis (no increase in positive blasts, < 1%)

* bone marrow morphology (hypercellular,myeloid hyperplasia, no evidence
of overt myelodysplasia or increased blasts)

* flow cytometry analysis for myeloid/lymphoid disorders and acute leukemia
(no evidence of acute leukemia or a lymphoproliferative disorder)

* fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH)
(no evidence of BCR/ABL rearrangement - the Philadelphia chromosome from
what I read; no evidence of 5 other chromosomal anomalies either)

It's still possible to have Philadelphia-negative CML, and I'll discuss this with my hematologist this week, but all in all, the report is very encouraging - at least for now.

My understanding is that I'll be characterized as MDS (myelodysplasia syndrome) which means - from what I can tell - that they don't know what's wrong, but my marrow is misbehaving (low platelets, high WBC).

I should know a little more after I speak with the hematologist, and yes, I will ask for a referral to get another opinion of the lab results - and my strange imbalance of blood cells.

FYI, I walked with a friend the other day (reasonably quick pace) for 2.5 miles, and today we covered 4 miles (about 16-minute miles), so even with low HGB I seem to have plenty of energy and capacity.

Paige Carter 06-10-2009 07:07 AM

Re: bone marrow and aspiration; high WBC low platelets
I am really concerned with a friend of mine. She has just been diagnosed yesterday with ALL leukemia. Today she will start her chemotherapy.
I want an honest opinion, if she would ever be cured totally? she is only 28 years old. Has there anyone out there who has been cured of this cancer?
If ever she would die, how many months or years would it take?
I am really very concrened about her, she is my childhood friend and her kid is only 2 years old!

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