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cricketqueen 05-10-2010 02:17 PM

Need a little advice
So let me start off I am 38 years old female. I seem to always have a high WBC. The last 3-4 months my WBC is around 11.8-13. I have a High RDW 17.4and MPV 11.8. I just had some lab work done on Friday and was told today that my WBC is high again, but I don't have the numbers and I see the doctor on Friday.

I of course looked up leukemia and was shocked to see how many symptoms there are. I have had really bad body pain, joint pain for the last 3-4 weeks. Every part of me aches. I have started getting headaches this past weekend. I am utterly exhausted all the time. I come home from work and lay on the couch I have no energy to do anything and if I do my bones hurt so much I have to stop. I have no weight loss at all which is something I could use. I also get yeast infections alot, probably every month it seems, I did see the GYN and she cultered it and she said it was nothing but yeast and gave me diflucan to take. I started with another on this weekend, after not having one since February.

Anyway, I don't want to be the type of person that says, "Does this sound like Leukemia" but I am just wondering if it is possible. I don't have leukemia in the family, but I do have 2 uncles with cancer and one aunt.

I just don't feel well and just looking for some advice or tips.

Thank you


TopGeek 05-11-2010 10:12 AM

Re: Need a little advice
There are several other conditions that can cause your symptoms and a high WBC so it is a bit early to be worrying about leukemia. A viral infection is just one possibility. Also, a lot more tests would be needed before a specialist could diagnose leukemia.
Even if your own doctor thinks leukemia is a possibility, he/she would refer you to a haematologist or oncologist for further investigation. I know because I have been through that process and was told for seven years that I had a form of leukemia. It was only recently that I was undergoing tests for something else and the haematologist I saw at a university hospital decided to carry out some very sophisticated tests which proved that I do not have leukemia after all.
Tell your doctor about your concerns and he/she should be able to reassure you.

cricketqueen 05-11-2010 12:54 PM

Re: Need a little advice
Thank you for your response. I don't think it is a viral infection since it has been going on since last November. I had a test done in February and my WBC was at 11.3, just had one done and it came back at 12.8, this time with high platelets and Neurtophils. But I think I am ok. He did a flow cytromtry test and that came back negative.

But thank you, just need to figure out why my WBC just keeps going up.

TopGeek 05-11-2010 03:16 PM

Re: Need a little advice
There are several different types of white blood cell and neutrophils are just one of those. There are also several conditions that can cause an overall increase in WBC numbers. It's good to know that your flow cytometry test gave no cause for alarm so it just becomes a matter of determining what the reason is in your case. I'm sure you'll be OK although it's possible that you will never find the answer.
You might like to have a look at my thread entitled 'A diagnosis of leukemia is not always what it seems', which tells my own story of thinking I had leukemia.

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