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ninth 02-25-2011 08:48 PM

Leukemia symptoms, schizophrenia stopping me from going to doctor
Hi everyone, I'm new. You can call me V.

I have been having a lot of symptoms that were quite baffling until my boyfriend said it sounded like leukemia(which his mum had). Some symptoms I've been experiencing: VERY fatigued, hard to breath(went to ER for it, all I could handle was an xray though), VERY pale, bruise easily, infection in my nose won't go away, gums bleeding, weight loss, VERY sore bones and joints, bad headaches, sore lymph nodes, VERY dizzy when standing.

The thing is, I am diagnosed schizophrenic and it is near impossible for me to go to a doctor without getting very psychotic and usually being hospitalized. I believe they are trying to poison me.

So, my question is, does this seem like enough of a worry I should go see a doctor and just accept that it is possible I will be psychotic after/hospitalized in a psych ward? Do you think it is a really bad idea to not get it checked out?

I am so scared, more so of being out of my head/crazy, then of having something seriously wrong with my body, as silly as that is.

denvercurt 02-26-2011 06:46 PM

Re: Leukemia symptoms, schizophrenia stopping me from going to doctor
Hey V,

You need to get a blood test...I'm not saying you have Leukemia, but you certainly have a lot of the symptoms. The longer you wait...the sicker you will get. If it is Leukemia, and you let your White cell count continue to rise without will get very sick. I was foolish and did not get a blood test done until my WBC was 309,000 that made the induction round of Chemo very tough.
As for your schizophrenia....not to make light, but in this case you would be right. The treatment for leukemia is poison. Get in touch with a doctor, explain your situation, grab your boyfriend and Mom, and just do it! the alternative is sure there is nothing to lose.

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