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MissAy 10-09-2012 09:52 PM

Any Advice for A young Woman?
I had a thyroid test done. It is fine. I have been so tired I can not even get up hardly after 10-12 hours of rest. I also have so much pain in my shoulder and hip I can not even lay on that side hardly. My hip will throb and throb with pain. Also I have had Petechiae. All the way down my thighs on both, and some on my arm. At first it was a small patch and my doctor didnt think anything of it and prescribed me meloxicam for joint pain and some hydros, a couple days later before I started taking the meloxicam (so I know its not medication induced) The Petechiae has gotten way worse. It happens...goes away..then comes back worse. I've also had bleeding gums for about 7 months before any of the petechiae even happened. I had blood draw today and my doctor said I may need to see a specialist. I have been looking things up online since I got home and I just dont know what to think of expect. I feel like ***** honestly. i just want to feel better. Could this be leukemia or can I out that option. (that would be nice.)

ladybud 10-09-2012 10:15 PM

Re: Any Advice for A young Woman?
The petechiae is suggestive of a disorder affecting the platellets which help your blood to clot. The fatigue could be a result of anemia, or may be related to an autoimmune disorder causing the platellets to be destroyed. It will be important to see what all your blood cell counts are. There are benign conditions that can cause your symptoms, so I would not jump to any conclusions about leukemia or something that serious. The blood counts come back the next day, so I would call your Drs office tomorrow to ask for results. Don't wait for them to call you- it will just prolong your anxiety.

MissAy 10-10-2012 09:10 PM

Re: Any Advice for A young Woman?
So its probably not leukemia? That is good to know. I did not call today, and they did not call me. I am not sure what questions to ask when they do call me. I am 20 years old...and feel a bit naive?

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