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Suzyp123 06-16-2013 09:26 AM

Do I have leukaemia ?
I have had problems with pain in my right hip and thigh for over a year now. My GP did some blood tests with showed a high raised white blood count. Several blood tests and six months later and my raised eosinophils count is not going down . I have had a chest X-ray which came back normal. And two stool samples also were normal. I don't suffer from asthma or skin conditions which I've read can cause raised eosinophils. I have recently been referred to a haematologist at the hospital where they have done a further chest X-ray, an X-ray of my hip and I'm due to have an ECG on my heart.
Last week at the hospital the doctor tried to take a bone marrow biopsy but couldn't find my bone so was unable to do this. She said she would arrange to do this with a radiographer. Yesterday I received an appointment to have an abdominal, renal and gynaecological ultrasound which is in three weeks time.
I feel constantly tired and can fall asleep for a couple of hours just when I sit down in a chair. I have the pain in my hip, pelvis and thigh described above and have suffered from IBS for years which is increasing getting worse and I seem to have constant diarrhoea
. Silly I know but I have been googling all these things and have convinced myself I have leukaemia.
I am now worrying myself silly about this.

Jabocs 06-26-2013 11:13 AM

Re: Do I have leukaemia ?
Hey Suzyp123,
Hang in there. I have no idea if you have leukemia, and Iím scared to say anything definitive. Iíll definitely keep you in my thoughts. Good luck either way. I know you said your next appointment is in three weeks time, right? Try not to psych yourself out and hope for the best. I feel like having a doctorís opinion will definitely help.

GOOD LUCK! Hoping for the best. keep us posted

Wondering189 03-14-2014 08:15 PM

Re: Do I have leukaemia ?
Hi there did they find anything?

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