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Njtopa77 12-09-2015 05:20 PM

Atypical Hepatic Adenoma
I have been diagnosed with an atypical hepatic adenoma. Specifically, the diagnosis is well-differentiated hepatocellular neoplasm of uncertain malignant potential with histological atypia and the notes list it as having the characteristics of an inflammatory adenoma but with foci of large and small hepatocellular change. The b-catenin is negative and the reticulun is intact. My AFP is well within the normal range and my liver enzymes are mildly elevated. It says it can be leaning malignant or may be a very well-differentiated HCC. Has anybody heard of this diagnosis before? What is the chances it is benign or malignant. I did use OCP for 16 years so the adenoma diagnosis at least makes sense. TIA for responses.

Annett123 12-09-2015 06:26 PM

Re: Atypical Hepatic Adenoma
First, I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have hepatic adenomatosis (multiple adenomas) of which I was diagnosed over two year ago. Single adenomas are believed to be associated with long-term birth control use. It's my understanding that these adenomas are not usually a cancer risk but should be checked regularly with a blood test. Adenomas larger than 5 cm are typically of concern as they bring with them the risk of hemorrhage. If you are not seeing a liver specialist, seek one out and let them guide you. Take things a step at a time. It can be overwhelming. I continue with my doctor visits and take good care of myself and mine have had little to no growth since diagnosis. My doctor's approach is cautious and conservative. Mine were found incidentally during another procedure and I remain, God willing, asymptomatic and blood tests and so forth (MRIs) all good. Good luck to you.

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