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number6738 12-10-2015 01:27 PM

Biopsy results - Dr. won't give over the phone?
I'm sure this isn't a NEW discussion on this topic, but I am a little perplexed as to why I'm not able to get my biopsy results over the phone the way I did for my EGD and colonoscopy results, blood test, etc.

It took forever for someone to call me back when I called the following week to see if the results were in; I kept leaving messages but received no call back. I finally was able to speak to a nurse who told me that she 'didn't want to lead me wrong' so told me that the Dr. said to just keep my follow up appt, which is next week now.

Now, I will say ONE part of the transjugular biopsy included obtaining portal pressures, which I WAS told over the phone were elevated. They hadn't received the tissue biopsy results yet.

So.. my questions: is this normal? Why wouldn't they tell me my results and simply add that I needed to keep my follow up appointment in order to ask questions, etc? And why on earth would they give me the abnormal portal pressure results over the phone and not the biopsy results?

The waiting really stinks...

Thanks in advance....


BillinSD 12-10-2015 08:21 PM

Re: Biopsy results - Dr. won't give over the phone?
Hi Ella. Biopsies typically contain quite a bit of information, all in sometimes rather technical jargon, so I hope this is why your doc wants to go over this with you in person.

Waiting is hard, but hope you get good news!

number6738 12-11-2015 01:11 AM

Re: Biopsy results - Dr. won't give over the phone?
Thank you for the reply. And yes, it's the original poster. I'm the one who posted the original topic. :/

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