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Autumn1210 07-02-2018 03:13 PM

Lump on liver??!! Only 23
Hello everyone! So about a week ago I was lying on my back about to go to sleep and started to rub my stomach when I feel a lump on the lower right part of my ribs there really wasnít any pain and itís a harder kind of lump maybe about 3 in in length and itís definitely not on the left side of my ribs where it is smooth as I rub my fingers down my ribs. I have also had off and on light headed ness/Dizziness and a bit more sluggish for a while and also some fogginess in the head. I have been meaning to see a doctor for the last year because I just havenít felt right but hadnít until I felt this lump and freaked. Scheduled an app 2 days later my doc said it could be the edge of the liver because I am thinner but I got an ultrasound done and also blood work that all came back normal! Which definitely helped the stress out a little but I am having pain in my middle stomach, lower stomach, upper right rib, lower right side, my lower right side of the back, and behind my ribs on my back on the ride side with shoulder and back pain here and there itís like a stinging pain with sharp pains here and there and then a constant aching and has not gone away but has worsened slightly since my appointment a week ago Iím happy nothing was found on the ultrasound but should I get further testing like a CT?? I still have a ton of anxiety because the lump just doesnít feel right!! I am so scared and thinking the worst.

MSNik 07-03-2018 05:22 AM

Re: Lump on liver??!! Only 23
Has anyone checked your gallbladder? Where you are having pain is exactly where gallbladder pain starts.. Have you noticed that it hurts more after you eat?

Go see a GI doctor...they specialize in gallbladders, livers and digestive system. They can order all the right tests for you.

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