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ShazzaUk 01-25-2020 01:16 PM

Decompensated Liver?
My Mum is currently having treatment for eusophagus varices. She has primary biliary cirrhosis. Mym
They had a copy of the letter from the last appointment and it mentioned decompensated liver. Im guessing this is really bad but apart from the weight loss and varices she just gets on with it.

Does anyone know what the prognosis is? I dont think my dad wants me to worry so doesnt say much

quincy 01-25-2020 08:55 PM

Re: Decompensated Liver?
Sad to hear about your mom.
Has she been on Ursodiol?
I also have PBC, but have always been on URSO.
Is she on a list for liver transplant?


ShazzaUk 01-26-2020 12:29 AM

Re: Decompensated Liver?
I'm not sure what medication she is on but she has been on it for years.
She has had her varices tied twice and is due to have them done again in 4 weeks time. She has an appointment in March to see a specialist about treatment going forward and if she is suitable for a transplant.

Wishing you well with your illness.

quincy 01-26-2020 10:09 AM

Re: Decompensated Liver?
Hi....thank you. So far, PBC isn't giving me obvious issues.

Have you talked directly with your mom to find out what meds, future medical options, etc?
From what I've read about PBC stages, she should have already been on the transplant list.
I wish her well and hope she can get on the transplant list asap.


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