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vinny1957 01-04-2005 09:14 AM

milk thistle
Hope this is the right place for this? I got my blood test results my Hemoglobin A1C is 6.2 (alittle high <6.0). But my AST is 65 should be 2-50 and my ALT is 129 should be 2-60. :eek: Now I'm alot of meds and I know thats probably the problem (has become more elevated since meds). So, my Dr. is looking into those. BUT! I've heard that milk thistle is very good for the liver especially if on meds like myself. Anyone have experience with this?


lv2flex 01-11-2005 08:53 AM

Re: milk thistle
Milk thistle is EXCELLANT for your liver.Try to take at least 500 mgs each day.. you will feel much better.The Milk thistle will try protect your liver from all them meds.And if you smoke, its an added benefit.The thistle will not do you wrong.Best of luck. If you can, try to lay off prescription drugs,and get into natural healing methods.. Peace, Karl :)

vinny1957 01-15-2005 06:45 PM

Re: milk thistle
Thanks Karl. Read your reply before and have been doing research. And now I'm confused as to which is better. Some say milk thistle along with other herbs is best, others milk thistle alone is best. Any opinions here?

Michael01 01-16-2005 05:33 AM

Re: milk thistle
I brought down my ALT by doing a liver flush each morning on an empty stomach: juice of one lemon, 3oz aloe vera with 10 herbs, liquid milk thistle, liquid garlic extract and olive oil. Add some water. Mix and drink. Not at all unpleasant tasting. The liquid milk thistle comes in 2oz bottle. Liquid garlic extract comes in 2oz plastic container. Aloe Vera with 10 herbs comes in 32 oz plastic container. I think it's Lilly of the Valley. The daily liver flush is your best bet. It worked for me.

Moxie75 01-16-2005 06:39 AM

Re: milk thistle
It's Lilly of the Desert and it's pure organic Aloe Vera Juise. I drink 8oz a day and my enzymes are normal..Lisa

vinny1957 01-16-2005 07:43 AM

Re: milk thistle
Thanks alot, because now my ALT is 219. I wasn't off all the contributing meds. yet so I'm re-testing for liver function Monday. So, this is a great help from everyone. But, how much of the liquid extracts do you use and do you stay on this how long?

Michael01 01-16-2005 08:20 AM

Re: milk thistle
Vinny, following the instructions on both the milk thistle extract and garlic extract. Obviously, you continue until you're numbers are normal. It took me about 6 months but could take you longer since your numbers are higher. It works and your liver will love you. Another excellent suggestion is juicing using danellion, beets and carrots. All three are excellent cleansers for the liver. Your goal is to keep a healthy liver using an all natural approach.

Michael01 01-16-2005 08:40 AM

Re: milk thistle
Vinny, since you'll be doing the liver flush once a day let me be more specific about how much milk thistle and garlic extract to take. For the liver flush I would take about 100 drops of milk thistle and for the garlic extract 1/4 teaspoon. Combine this with Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera with 10 herbs, the lemon juice and olive oil (about one tablespoon). Mix with a few oz. of water. Again, you'll be doing this for many months. None of the above will hurt you. It's all natural. It's drugs that do harm. Once your numbers of normal continue the liver flush for the first seven days of every month. This is my recommendation.

vinny1957 01-17-2005 08:52 AM

Re: milk thistle
[QUOTE=Michael01]Vinny, since you'll be doing the liver flush once a day let me be more specific about how much milk thistle and garlic extract to take. For the liver flush I would take about 100 drops of milk thistle and for the garlic extract 1/4 teaspoon. Combine this with Lily of the Valley Aloe Vera with 10 herbs, the lemon juice and olive oil (about one tablespoon). Mix with a few oz. of water. Again, you'll be doing this for many months. None of the above will hurt you. It's all natural. It's drugs that do harm. Once your numbers of normal continue the liver flush for the first seven days of every month. This is my recommendation.[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much for your help!

lv2flex 01-22-2005 11:29 AM

Re: milk thistle
Hi Vinny :) I take various herbs each and every day, and my liver is near perfect today.I had problems too in the past from partying too much when i was young.Smoked Cocaine(7 grams a day for 13 years no b.s.Thats ALOT!),Drank excessively 5-7 drinks a day, maybe more?,over consumed vitamins..Bigtime!, stressed hard etc..etc.. all real bad for the liver.And about a year ago I noticed that my eyes where a bit on the yellow side.. Actually, wasn't too sure until someone brought this to my attention..I never really noticed it too much myself.Also, I noticed i had pains in my right side too..double scary.. GULP! I panicked!!!!! I then researched like crazy, and stopped drinking and drugging all the way(except for an occasional cigarette), and later found out i was taking WAY too much iron among other things.. I stopped taking the multi's since I knew that my body had way more than enough stored.Discontinued the multi's with iron, and all my pains and severe headaches(excess Vitamin A) were gone a week later.I pretty much figured myself out..My body..whats right, Whats wrong.The abuse etc.. A short while later**>> I lift weights religiously 3 times a week(big weights), and power walk 3 1/2 miles 2 times a week.I feel I may be over doing things a bit, BUT, Iam seeing big results from using Herbs and excercising and living a clean lifestyle.. Iam 39 years old, and feel GREAT! One thing, I still smoke..DAMMIT!! Im trying to wean off of them.. Its hard just like giving up the booze.Anyways, You ready for my herb, and vitamin list?? Morning>> (1) 100mg of DHEA(keeps you young among so many other great things..*please research dhea*AWESOME!!) (1)MILK THISTLE 500MG (1) ALPHA LIPOIC ACID(LIVER SCRUBBER)300MG (2)POLICOSANOL(cholestrol reducer)10MG EACH (2)BILBERRY 150MG EACH (GREAT FOR YOUR EYES) (2) GARLIC TABLETS(Cholestrol and strengthens immune system)300MG EACH And for added testosterone support>> Tribulus terrestris 750mg..Low testosterone will make you feel like crap.And since Iam a bodybuilder, it helps out alot. Now, the nightime gig>> (1) VITAMIN C(1000MGS) (1) MILK THISTLE(500mg) (1) ALPHA LIPOIC ACID(300MGS) (2)POLICOSANOL(10mg.each) (2)BILBERRY(150MGS) (2)GARLIC TABLETS(300MGS.) (1)TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS(750MG) ... I eat healthy, and consume 200 grams of clean protein a day, and i completely stay away from sweets,and coffee,High fat,and basically all crap food(potato chips etc..ya know)..Thats my regimen right there :) ..From going to a smoked out,cracked out, yellow eyed annorexic alchoholic to where im at today is simply a miracle.Iam not at all the same person.People i knew from the past dont even recognize me!! lol!! Iam 39 years old, but, feel like im in my 20's..No BS! Since i have made my changes..I now weigh 208lbs (instead of 95lbs) Iam 5'8'' Tall..and hardly any fat at all..pretty much all muscle from head to toe.Im not trying to brag, but Im built.I dedicated the rest of my life to bodybuilding,and health.Overall, I FEEL MAGNIFICIENT!!! Now, if i can only kick the nicotine habit..doing better.If some of these people out there would only change their lifestyle,and get excercise,and trust them herbs, and possibly stay off the meds, .. MAN! We would have major success, and these boards would be fairly empty(Liver section anyways).Conclusion: IMHO, I believe that most of the liver problems are brought on by **too many meds** that them quacks prescribe..Then the consumers of these drugs have side affects..and then you have this vicious cycle.Alcohol is equally as bad.I know its fun to party when your young, and wild.But, after the party is overwith, what have you got?? Liver pains, high enzymes..hepatitus..yada yada yada... When i was younger, i wish i knew what i was doing to my one clued me in...NO ONE!~.Iam happy to be alive today, and my body is not 100% recuperated.. It all takes time.. But im on the road to success.I wish each and every one of you the best!! Love ya all! BIG HUGS!! Sincerely, Karl :)

vinny1957 01-22-2005 08:59 PM

Re: milk thistle
Thanks alot for the info! I used to lift weights-- when I was in my 20's, but now at 47 I find it hard to find the motivation (you know married 26 yrs. kids over 20 yrd. old etc.). I have tried to eat better though. What got you and kept you motivated when you first started out?

lv2flex 01-23-2005 01:07 PM

Re: milk thistle
Hi Vinny! :) Well, I used to lift weights when i was a teenager, and i remembered how good i felt at that time of my life(before drugs and alcohol).And after all of the partying damage i did to myself ,I was real worried about myself, yellow eyes, people looking at me differently, cracked out,skinny..useless.. Just had to make a change or pretty much give up on life altogether and commit suicide or something.I aint no quitter, so i went for it.The motivater was to be healthy again.That was #1 to me.I wanted to be the guy in the lime light for once without using any drugs,or being used because of them.I wanted to show my so called friends what im really made of.My friends use to say *Karl's days are numbered* .. sigh.One day,..I picked up the weights again, and it was hard in the beginning.But, after doing it for a week or so, i could already see major changes.My mood was way better..the endorphins in my brain were once again stimulated without the cocaine/booze. It felt great!! I seen my arms and my chest starting to get defined.. And throughout the months bigger and bigger gains were happening, right in front of me!!.And it was all mine to one could take it away from me.I told myself that i will not quit this time, and i wont.You see,.. If being physically fit and being muscular was so easy, there would be muscle bound Arnold's all over the place.You have to earn it,and work at it to become the *best*of the best.And you know the old saying *mind,body, and soul*..It all comes together in harmony.If you have a good self esteem, you can achieve anything...and i mean anything.I can now walk down the mall, and get looked the right way.Chicks checking me out, guys look at me with jealousy.I like to stand out, and i have always been somewhat of a showoff.I now own exotic cars,and sell them(my biz),and finally i have my own legit income, and soon will be buying my own home because of all of my worthwhile efforts.Iam a late bloomer, but iam an achiever, and thats what counts.Your age does not matter my friend.Have you seen Sylvester Stallone lately..He's way older than you, and he looks simply awesome!.You would be amazed at how much better you would feel if you just signed up to a fitness center,and started pumping that ol' iron.Even power walking is a great start.You will lose some of the fat buildup in your body (if you have any) and tone up real fast.The liver cant handle too much fat, and you hear of people with fatty livers here and there..its all because they are used to driving up to the drive thru at Mickey D's and order greasy garbage foods that plug up their insides.. Its gross.Iam not saying that you have to eat perfectly every day, but you must give up pretty much all the sweets,and cola's..and junk food.If you want to stay motivated, go to muscles and fitness magazine (online), and expand your mind.Getting healthy is fun,and a challenge..Only the strong survive...survival of the fittest.And each and every one of us out here,and there and everywhere can do this.Just vision yourself all muscular and fit,.. with your wife and kids being very proud of you.Just think of the self respect part.. Think how good you'll feel Vinny:) All your real friends patting you on your back.Iam high on life right now, and i enjoy the health gig to the max.If i can do it, anyone can..Vinny..I was on my last leg/heartbeat,..and i made a 180 turn around.Start off slowly with the power walking thing, and search for a fitness club around your house.Its not expensive at all.Once you have seen the gains, you wont stop..Bodybuilding is an addiction...Probably the best Addiction you'll ever know.Try it my friend, you'll like it!!! Iam rootin' for ya!!!! If you carry through, you'll remember me for the rest of your life.Just tring to point you in the right direction :) Your friend, Karl :) :wave: keep in touch!

vinny1957 01-24-2005 07:49 AM

Re: milk thistle
When using a liver flush, is there things like getting the runs or other things like some kind of stones or something?

lv2flex 01-24-2005 08:19 AM

Re: milk thistle
I have never done a toxin flush as in a *tea* regimen.if thats what your thinking about doing iam not sure of the aftermath.The capsule form of Milk thistle is what I use(500mg 2x a day) to eliminate the toxins, along with excercise(one of the best ways).I never had any problems with the runs, or anything out of the ordinary.Only time i have a problem with the runs is when my vitamin c reserves are full, and i keep ingesting more of that vitamin C.The body can only saturate so much, then it is excreted through urine.But, certain vitamins like vit.a,e,d can collect in your fatty cells.Thats why its not good to over do any of the fat soluble vitamins, it can be toxic to your system.I have heard of people taking an excess of C and having kidney stones form.Everyone is different. Best of luck to ya buddy on whatever road you take.:wave: Karl :)

Ladybug46 02-05-2005 12:39 PM

Re: milk thistle
I just asked my doctor this week would milk thistle do me any good-after finding out my Hep C has progressed to cirrhosis=He is a specialist in oncology and a hepatoligist-His answer was-"The only good that will come is to the makers of Milk Thistle and the other herbs-by ways of making lots of money, it will not help your liver."' Needless to say, I need what little money I have, lol.

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