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ryu1977 05-25-2005 06:28 AM

Low value of prothrombin activity test
Dear All

I am male 28 years old, healthy, never smoke nor drink alcohol.

The story began 5 days ago, I went to the dentist for cleaning my tooth abscess. I think in the process he used antibiotics, but after treatment I don't have to drink any antibiotics.

3 days ago I felt pain in that teeth, so that I swallowed two analgesic (pain reliefer) tablets.

2 days ago I spitted out my saliva, and I saw much blood came from one gum tip near the teeth. Not for long time only around 5 seconds it stopped. But I never saw my gum bleeding so much before (like noose bleeding).

Today,May 25, I decided to go to the doctor, worried about Leukemia and any blood disorder I asked for CBC. He sent me to do CBC and prothrombin test. The CBC is great,no problem for platelet, but my prothrombin time is slightly high.
prothrombin time 12.7 second ( normal 8 - 12 second)
prothrombin activity 59.7% ( normal 80-100%)
PT-INR 1.29 (normal 0.90-1.10)

My doctor said: it's okay, only moderately outside the range, but let do one test again two weeks later. :confused:

I had blood clotting test two months before, all results were great.
I had CBC w/diff, Liver Function test,renal function test last month,all results were great.
I donored my blood for red cross 12 days ago, they gave me the receipt for CBC and Liver Function Test, all results were great (ALT 11;AST 23).

I am so frustrating, I read that low value of prothrombin activity means low factor II for blood clotting. This factor II is made by liver, therefore lack of factor II could mean liver disease or even cancer :eek:

I showed those previous test results before, he looked confused, and he said it is abnormal to see changing only in two months.

My question, could cancer strike only in 12 days??????
Could liver cancer become so acute only after 12 days, without any symptoms before? even two normal tests in less than one month showed good value???

For now, I try to think that the problem come from the antibiotics which is used by my dentist in my teeth or my analgesic tablets. But the cancer image is still in my mind now.

If anybody has opinion and suggestion, please tell me, I will really appreciate that.


ryu1977 06-07-2005 11:27 PM

Re: Low value of prothrombin activity test
Hi all

I had finished my liver function test. Everything almost normal:
prothrombin time 11.7 second ( normal 8 - 12 second)
prothrombin activity 74.3% ( normal 80-100%)
PT-INR 1.13 (normal 0.90-1.10)

He said almost all values are recovering to normal.
He also did complete liver function test and all results were normal.

Therefore, the conclusion is analgesic tablets could have big impact in our health, even I only swallowed two tablets and now already 17 days since I did that.

Thank's God and hope my experience could be useful

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