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elphers 10-08-2006 04:41 AM

Not told about abnormal liver enzymes!
To start, I have been to a gastro Dr. for 14 years now, which then I was diagnosed with Celiac disease.
I see my Gastro every 6 months. My last appointment he had me go for thyroid blood tests, which in his eyes, the TSH was normal. It was 5.14 and he goes by the old range.
So a week and a half ago when I had my appoint. he told me that my thyroid result was normal and also my Hida scan.
When he did my other labs periodically, he ALWAYS told me that my liver enzymes were elevated, and let it go at that.
I got a bill for my co-pay in the mail from my last visit, and it stated that I had abnormal liver enzymes, plus my other complaints at that visit. Where did that come from? He tested my thyroid and NEVER mentioned my liver enzymes?
I have been having lower abdominal cramping and he put me on Bentyl. I go back at the end of Nov.
He mentions at EVERY appoint. that celiac can cause intestinal lymphoma. Should I be concerned that he never brought up about my "abnormal" liver enzymes? He usually says that they are elevated.

kmacdona 10-08-2006 05:00 AM

Re: Not told about abnormal liver enzymes!
I would be ****** off if a doctor charged/billed me for a procedure and didn't even talk to me about it! He had to of knowingly pulled the liver labs and charged them to you. But it wasn't part of the consult? There's more here. He could be worried that his treatment is damaging our liver and the test would reveale that or he/she is worried about your liver. You can always ask to be refered to another doctor.
Celiac? Are you currently taking that? Why? If you have abnormal Liver enzymes stop taking any and all over the counter medication to include herbal medicines. NOW!

elphers 10-08-2006 05:50 AM

Re: Not told about abnormal liver enzymes!
Celiac is not a medicine. It is a disease where I have to avoid gluten and this disease can lead to small intestinal lymphoma. I agree that something seems fishy here that my receipt mentioned the abnormal liver enzymes. Why didn't he discuss this with me?

kmacdona 10-08-2006 10:45 AM

Re: Not told about abnormal liver enzymes!
Sorry, I misread Celiac and was obviously thinking of something else.
But your right. I woud address the liver enzymes and challenge your doctor.

danielm 10-08-2006 05:14 PM

Re: Not told about abnormal liver enzymes!
I would definitely ask your doctor about your raised levels and if he can't pin point a problem, get a referral to a specialist for sure. Raised enzyme levels can come from a number of a different sources, but often it's a liver in distress that causes it. Medications and other conditions can also cause these symptoms, but you're definitely better off having these confirmed with a specialist. Your doctor should be able to get you a referral to see a heptologist if he can't pin point what's causing your levels to be raised and I would definitely personally push for it if he's unsure.

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