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monkey5 10-24-2007 05:41 PM

Please just one question here?
Can something be wrong with your liver and it come back fine in a cbc blood count but show on an abdominal ultrasound? Has anyone had experiences with this happening?
Love, Monkey

ladyj2 10-24-2007 07:55 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
Hi monkey,
All of my bloodwork has always been fine. I have a benign tumor on my liver that showed up on an ultrasound when we thought maybe I had gallstones. It's been that way for a couple of years but my bloodwork is always normal. Hope that helps.

monkey5 10-24-2007 09:02 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
lady, sorry to hear that and thanks for the reply! Did you have it removed? What were your symptoms?
Love, Monkey

ladyj2 10-25-2007 02:43 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
I first had some pain in my right rib cage area, I think some shoulder pain andsome nausea. I don't really know that any of it was related to the tumor. Anyhow, did a U/S to look for gallstones and they misdiagnosed me with fatty liver. A year went by and I asked my Dr. about it again and she took a better look at my blood work which was all normal and said usually something is off in bloodwork w/ fatty liver...went to specialist, had CT and MRI to determine what type of tumor it was. They are pretty sure it's FNH or focal nodular hyperplasia. Because all my bloodwork is fine I did not opt ot get a biopsy and it does not need to be removed. I just get a periodic US to monitor it and have blood checked. There's all kinds of benign conditions...we just discover them now because of technology.
What do your tests show and what has your Dr. said?

feelbad 10-26-2007 05:42 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
i am living proof that you can have some pretty major destruction going on in both kidneys and the liver and have absolutely perfect labs in all damage only has showed(thank god so far)in my ultrasounds(and organ size).i have very heavy extensive cystic damage that has replaced and displaced alot of healthy tissue within my kidneys and they are now over three times their normal size,BUT my labs have all been absolutely perfect.within the middle of the normal range in all,not just barely within the norm.still freaks me out to see my labs then see my US.freaky all depends on just what type of real damage you have going on and where it is located.that would determine just what is actually being affected and would show up in the labs that way.the human body truely is an amazing little compensatory machine.marcia

monkey5 10-26-2007 06:15 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
Marcia, thanks for the reply, these are alot of whats been going on, and i hadn't ate all day until now but now sure if it's gonna stay or not, if it doesn't i am going to the er as i am very miserable, and i am having tightness in my abdominal area all the time like something is twisting it. Does any of this sound serious?

I hve a low grade fever diarrhea & low left abdom was swollen but no pain, this lasted on & off for 3 days being worse at nights - for the most my stools have been loose,light yellow coloured, easy to pass & lots at a time

My bowels in the upper left region had been making unusually loud noises - gushing sounds and liquid noises and generally feeling rigid and swollen lower down, but with no pain - at night the noise would be worse and continue for about an hour. I also have upper right side discomfort the most dr. thinking it's liver or gallbladder. My upper abdomin look destended or swollern across.

I have had re curring low grade fevers , night sweats, dizziness, loose bowel movements through Dec and passing of gas noises sound very different almost blocked.

I started feeling nausea s few months ago but have never vomited and have now recently lost my appetite and have been forcing myself to eat quite a few times. When I do eat it seems as though my digestion is struggling to process and absorb it properly and I can link eating to the night sweats and general feeling of being unwell afterward

My previous indigestion which was quite frequent has also stopped.

Sometimes i have woke with the urgent need to pass a stool and also with cold shakes/shivers, as usual (the stool wasn't solid and was yellowish

I wake up everyday nauseated and , but still no appetite, and run down/tired - in contrast at night I feel weak and poisoned, my tongue is white

I have not had any acute servere pains or vomiting or blood in my stools , but I can clearly feel the mechanics of the digestive system are not working correctly.
Okat i couldn't believe i found one as miserable as myself, and not sure where to go from here, any advice on what i should do? I don't have an ultrasound until wenesday and a GI appt till the end of Dec. and i am freaking out. When i feel weak i cannot think or concentrate and i feel ugh.
Love, Monkey

monkey5 11-03-2007 04:13 PM

Re: Please just one question here?
hi all, has anyone experienced low potassium with liver diseases? Or what are your other issues?
Love, Monkey

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