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TerriB32561 09-13-2008 08:43 AM

Fatty Liver
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]I had an ultrasound done of the female area because of some cysts. My doctor also wanted me to have an ultra sound done of my stomach because in the MRI that was performed they said there was an uncharterized cyst on my kidney and he said he wanted to make sure he wasn't missing anything.

Turns out that I had two cysts, one on both ovaries..nothing major, just keep an eye on them. No cyst on my kidney.

However, my doctor called me this week on Thursday and wanted me to come in. He wanted to discuss the ultrasound of my stomach/abdomen. First he jokes and says, "You're pregnant"!. I about feel out of my chair, said, well, that would be immacuate conception.

I think he was trying to lighten the moment.

He says first I have to ask you, do you drink? Thank God my daughter was there with me. I said not a drop. I don't drink...well, let's put it his way, maybe once a year, if that.

He said my ultrasound came back and it say fatty liver with an enlarged spleen. He was waiting for some doctor who was on vacation to discuss the spleen thing. He wanted me to go have a mirage of blood work done. I'm going to do that this up coming week. I know enough not to worry before you get the final results. However, I know you can live wo a spleen..and you cannot live wo your liver. So I am a bit worried.

I know the blood work can show if I have High Cholesterol and other things he will need to know. I told him I've been told in the past that my bad cholesterol was good but my good cholesterol is bad...and that has not been always.

It could been medications I've been on for years.

Anybody have this situation? And someone please tell me what I can expect from the best to the worst case scenerio.


Pinda 09-13-2008 05:12 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
Hello Terri,

I have been asking questions on here about pretty much the same thing of late. Did some major research and hope I can offer a tidbit of advice for you.

I was diagnosed with a fatty liver in May of this year. Had never even HEARD of a "fatty" liver issue before and I don't drink or smoke. Never have, except MAYBE about once or twice a year a glass of white wine. But I had a surgery in October 2005 where I lost about 35 pounds in a month (went from about 150 pounds - overweight - to 115). Simply could not eat hardly anything and was extremely ill. I have since learned this is the worst thing you can do for your liver. Weight loss too fast. I am thinking that may have started this off even back then as I found one of my old labwork test result papers from 06/12/2006 and my ALK P was at 133 (normal 35-104) and my SGOT and SGPT were elevated. I may have had the start of the fatty liver and didn't know it.

Well what has happened to me is that when I had a follow-up ultrasound done they discovered a small 1 cm lesion had appeared on my liver. Doctor said we'll just watch it and have another ultrasound done in about a month. He figured it was a simple hemangioma. So I had another ultrasound done going on about a month ago. Unfortunately it seems I have now acquired another small lesion near my gallbladder and the previous 1cm lesion has grown to 1.35cm. Not too happy about that at all. I did have 2 cancer detecting bloodwork tests done and as of this past Thursday they were both negative. Still, VERY worried.

I go in this coming Monday for an MRI as doctor wants to try to determine exactly what type of lesions these are. They just don't know right now.

But far as a fatty liver, what you and I both have is called NASH or nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. The cell damage between this and alcoholic hepatitis looks identical under a microscope. There are extra fat deposits, particular structures known as Mallory's hyaline bodies, and infiltration of the liver cells with infection-fighting white blood cells.

I guess they say this NASH affects many women who are overweight, between the ages of 40-60 years (I am 58). Sometimes the women will also have diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes. NASH does have a 10-20% chance of progressing to cirrhosis of the liver (that is the bad part about this). There is no proven therapy or cure for this disorder and that's really a bummer.
Weight loss is often advised though, but not too fast or it can damage your liver more as I wrote earlier. I have just started on taking two 400 international units of d-alpha vitamin e pills a day. This is supposed to be helpful in getting our livers back on the right track.

I tend to carry my extra weight in the front, the worst possible place. It all seems to be in the belly area. I have bloating problems because of this condition and pain accompanies mine. Some doctors will tell you that a fatty liver will show no pain, well mine did, even before the 2 lesions were discovered. Each person is different. I have lost about 10 pounds already though over the last 3 months - alittle fast, but I feel nausea sometimes and just not that hungry. The pain doesn't help either. STILL my stomach area seems much too large for the rest of me and that worries me. I am down to about 137 pounds and am 5'2". I need to get to 125, which I definitely plan on doing and then staying there. This menopause has wrecked havoc on my weight condition. I'll just have to try harder and because I now KNOW I have to keep trim, I will.

In answer to your worst and best case scenarios - worst case is your NASH goes into cirrhosis, which in turn can (but not always) go into liver cancer. But remember, your liver is very versatile and self-healing if properly taken care of. You can live fine with a good portion of it missing, if need be.

You have to figure out what is causing this to happen, if you can, and correct it. I wonder if my anti-anxiety drug Xanax caused some of my damage? I was taking three .5 pills a day for the last 9 years due to ringing in the ears and high anxiety issues/panic attacks. I have since cut that dose to 1/2 of what I was taking. It's hard to do though as withdrawal symptoms really are the pitts. I hope to eventually wean entirely off them and just take when needed instead of daily, but not sure what reaction I'll be having to stress, etc. I still have to ask my doctor if he thinks the Xanax might have been a contributing factor. Certain medications most definitely can cause this to happen to our livers. I read where you wondered if your meds had some effect. Depending on what you are taking, that's a very strong possibility and should be looked into with your doctors.

The BEST case scenario is that you won't develop any further damage, no lesions will appear and by perhaps watching your diet, losing weight if you need to, your liver and spleen will get back on track. As far as I am aware I have no spleen issue. Again, will know more next week about that after MRI. You really need to see if you can determine what might have started your issues though, to help get them resolved as soon as possible. They say even children can be affected by NASH so it's pretty widespread.

I don't know if I helped you at all on this and as I am still right in dead center of all my own liver issues. I probably will be able to shed more light later on. Still learning a great deal about it. This board has helped me tremendously Terri and I know it will you as well. The ladies on here are all great and they can be your sounding board! Plus most of them have been through much more than you and I at present.

Please keep me posted on what they tell you okay?? I am very interested to get other views on what doctor's are saying to do or not to do about this. And am worried about my health, as we all are. Ask questions of your doctors! Very important. And if they don't answer you, find one that will.

Take care Terri and hope to hear back from you. Good luck as well.


TerriB32561 10-01-2008 10:44 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
Okay, i had the whole series of bloodwork done. I'm relieved to know my blood work was perfectly fine. So what does that mean? My doctor said not to worry. So I guess I just have a fatty liver and an enlarged spleen. Do I have to do anything or worry? I mean I sure am glad there was nothing wrong serious...........I dont drink and I am not losing weight. I have the thickness around the stomach area that you talked about. I just find the medical profession so weird.

I had an MRI before and it showed an uncharacterized cyst on my right kidney pole. When they did an ultra sound, they find two cysts, one on each ovaray and nothing on the kidneys. They're fine. But when the did the ultra sound on the stomach they found this thing now, but the blood work if fine. Talk about mood swings and worry.

peggy4161 10-10-2008 08:24 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
my mom has nash had a transplant 5 years ago and the fatty liver is starting all again but they say she is stabalized she watches her diet excersises but she cant sleep any insight to the sleep disorder? she is up all nite and sleepy during the day anybody experincing this

quinncy 01-06-2009 09:25 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
Im new here and I was reading about some having fatty liver . I had a ultrasound done it said i have diffuse fatty infiltrate ofthe liver.My blood work was ok. I had surgery 2 years ago and I went back and looked at my reports and it said liver was normal, I asked my Dr. about it and he said that it was impossibe for the liver to be normal 2 years ago.. Getting any information out of him is like pulling teeth. Plus I can barly understand him and have to keep asking him to repeat himself but Ive been told he is good. Finding information has beentime cinsuming.

connie61 04-30-2009 08:39 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
I have recently been diagnosed with nonalcoholicsteatohepititis after complaning for years of pain in my right side and swelling of the upper abdomen. I am so confused on what to do to make my situation better, my doctor doesn't seem to want to sit down with me and discuss my disease. So I need to hear from anyone with fatty liver disease on what I should and shouldn't eat or is there any medication that may help. I do know that I had to get off of aspartame because it was making my pain worse. And I was told that I should not consume Splenda because it was also a chemical that could affect my liver. Was told also not to take Tylenol. I want more and more info on my problem so I can do what is best to keep my disease from getting worse. Even would like to reverse the disease if I can.

connie61 04-30-2009 08:42 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
[QUOTE=connie61;3971719]I have recently been diagnosed with nonalcoholicsteatohepititis after complaning for years of pain in my right side and swelling of the upper abdomen. I am so confused on what to do to make my situation better, my doctor doesn't seem to want to sit down with me and discuss my disease. So I need to hear from anyone with fatty liver disease on what I should and shouldn't eat or is there any medication that may help. I do know that I had to get off of aspartame because it was making my pain worse. And I was told that I should not consume Splenda because it was also a chemical that could affect my liver. Was told also not to take Tylenol. I want more and more info on my problem so I can do what is best to keep my disease from getting worse. Even would like to reverse the disease if I can.[/QUOTE]

Mel52 04-30-2009 10:33 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
Hi I too have a fatty liver and elevated enzymes. I don't drink, I eat low fat, and this is the thanks I get. I also get the bloated stomach and the pain in the right side that goes around to the back. I stopped using splenda about 6 months ago because I was having severe body cramping. It helped switching to stevia.
I thought all my symptoms (tingling, numbness, liver elevated, bladder spasms and lots of right side pain, dry eyes, brain shrinkage and calcification) was maybe my sjrogrens, but now my new HMO rheumotologist said I don't have it but might have a liver autoimmune disease and is sending me back to a GI dr.
Like you I am baffled. The rheumotolgist said I am too thin around the middle to have elevated enzymes. I am thicker than ever like I am retaining water. Do you have that?

connie61 05-01-2009 06:17 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
Mel, when I first went to the doctor, it was because of alot of fluid on my abdomen. He told me I had ascites which is stomach fluid usually caused by heart failure or liver disease. Thank goodness it was not heart failure. He told me to take 2 fluid pills and in 5 to 6 hours I had lost 10 pounds of fluid. I still have to take a fluid pill every day because of fluid build up. I too, have bladder spasms. Even though I was diagnosed with nash(nonalcoholic steato hepititis) , my liver enzymes were normal. Beats me on whats going on. Keep me informed on your situation.

NYCman 05-01-2009 01:00 PM

Re: Fatty Liver

I was told about 4 months back that I have mild echogenicity of the liver. I am 24 yrs old, 5'10, and 150lbs. I have been having some BAD bladder spasms recently. I had no idea that this could be related to a fatty liver. I've been pleading for a biopsy, but no one has given me one yet. This all started with a pain in my right side. This all only started about 6 months ago. I thought it may be my GB, because my gallbladder area is hurting as well, but according to a HIDA Scan, that is not a problem.

This pain in my right side ended up giving me GERD as well. I have light-headedness every day. I don't want to be like this for the rest of my life. I am in New York City. If anyone has any info about specific doctors in New York that are good, please PM me. I appreciate all the help on these boards, without them I would be nowhere.

nancyjo 05-15-2009 05:00 PM

Re: Fatty Liver
connie61, what kind of fluid pills? Is that something I can buy without a prescription?

I was diagnosed with a mild case of fatty liver several weeks ago and have the same symptoms many of you have, including weight gain around the mid-section and pain at the bottom of my right ribs.

I also had a severe bout of Hep A about 20 years ago and nearly died, so I guess my liver is not as "robust" as some. At the same time the fatty liver was diagnosed, I was also told I have several cysts on my liver that will be monitored and possibly removed.

The GI doctor I met with doesn't have the experience of my regular GI doc; now I wish I had waited a couple more weeks so I could meet with him, but I guess I will just have to make another appt. He always lectures me about my weight, but at least he has over 30 years of experience to draw from.

I would love any info on diet/supplement plans that any of you can share.

Thanks so much,

applecollector 06-05-2009 01:12 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
I also was just dx with a fatty enlarged liver---my liver test etc were fine, also a small cyst on liver---however both Gastro and GP do not seemed to be too concerned said re-check in 6 months--

well I have done some reading and I don't think I should wait 6 months

I also have had pain for over 8 years (I have Fibro also) so Dr said most of my pain is my Fibro---UGH!!! and I have bloating in the upper area also, that I feel is fluid build up. I bought some otc water pills and I think they are helping some, but layxis (sp) would work a lot better.

The pain has been almost unbearable this week and two nights I have thought of going to ER

I don't drink---maybe once or so a year---I am on several med's but not near as many as I was in 05.

it just concerns me that the dr's don't seem concerned:mad::mad::dizzy:

NYCman 06-13-2009 09:28 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
So, let's say we've been diagnosed with a fatty liver. My ultrasound found mild hepatomegaly (sp) in January of 2009. How do we fix this issue. If it's only fatty liver, and not anything more severe, then shouldn't we be able to fix it? Doesn't the liver have the ability to naturally recover. How do we get our liver back to normal?

applecollector 06-13-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
cholesterol plays a part in the fatty liver I THINK

I am seeing my GP on monday so I hope to get better answers. and guess it will be back on cholesterol meds.

Iam also trying to cut back on meds I take for my fibro etc---which I am not on a lot---

I have a couple detox books, which used fresh veggie/fruit juice I might try

The liver does have the ability to heal itself---but to what point I don't know, I am tired of this fullness I feel and pain:mad:

NYCman 06-16-2009 11:03 AM

Re: Fatty Liver
The thing is that I personally, don't have high cholesterol or eat fatty foods. Also, I am not taking any meds at the moment. I wonder if my liver is still fatty. Also, what should I take or do in order to make my liver shrink back down to size?

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