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lindyloo102 05-11-2009 11:06 AM

stomach drained
Hi all can you tell me how often a stomach can be drained.My brother came back to scotland due to ill health and alcohol abuse,his liver nearlky failed but his tummy keeps swelling with fluid,the gp said today that they can`t drain every 5mins was very cheeky.I am scared.he is 54 and not drank for 2 months....

xBrownEyedGirl 05-21-2009 11:13 PM

Re: stomach drained
Doctors do not like to drain the stomache often, especially if the patient is very ill. It can cause infections and other complications.

My father just got a liver transplant and he started out having his stomache drained once a month. Weeks before his transplant, 7-8 months later he was having it drained every week. Sometimes, they only way the doctor would do it was if his ammonia level was really high or the fluid started building up in his lungs, because there was a chance my dad wouldn't wake up after the procedure so they only wanted to do it if they absolutely had to.

Just because your brother's alcohol abuse caused this, that doesn't mean he can't get a transplant. Wish the best for you and your brother.

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