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mgmsdaddy 05-08-2010 05:35 PM

Process of Dying of Liver Failure?
My Father-In-Law is dying of liver failure. His liver specialist has given him "weeks" to live. I'm wanting to find out what to expect as his condition worsens and the end nears. Currently, he is severely jaundiced, generally fatigued and just a bit "off" mentally (not so much that people who don't know him really notice) and slower than normal in his speech and response times. What is next? What can we expect to be the process as we go forward? Will he just get more and more tired and ultimately slip into a coma? I can't find any description of the general process online (other than lists of potential symptoms of ESLD). Thanks to anyone who may be able to help.

TopGeek 05-09-2010 04:40 AM

Re: Process of Dying of Liver Failure?
Every case is different and it really depends on the underlying reason and degree of liver failure. If the doctors have given a prognosis of 'weeks' then it has to be assumed that they know there is no hope of recovery. I can only speak from the experience of an aunt who died unexpectedly of primary liver cancer. She suddenlly developed jaundice, was taken into hospital, had a liver biopsy which confirmed the cancer and she rapidly sank into a coma and died peacfully within 10 days.
It is impossible to say just what will happen in your father-in-law's case but rest assured that the doctors will ensure that there is no pain.
It is a sad and often traumatic experience for the family but death comes to us all eventually. Thankfully, modern medicine is usually able to make the inevitable end as peaceful as possible.

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